Gwyneth Paltrow Releases Exclusive Photos From Her Wedding to Brad Fulchuk

Gwyneth Paltrow's wedding photos have officially arrived, so take a look to discover her gorgeous dress, and get a glimpse into the intimate reception!

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Actress and beauty innovator Gwyneth Paltrow married for the second time in early October, to producer Brad Fulchuk in an intimate ceremony that took place at her home in the Hamptons, New York. At the time, the only confirmation we had of the wedding was a very coy photography of their hands posted on Gwyneth’s Instagram – but now a fantastic 48 photographs have been released by the couple detailing their wedding day (including, always most excitingly, the bride’s dress!).

Gwyneth Paltrow wore a wedding dress from Valentino for the big day, choosing one of the most revered bridal design institutions in the world to make her gown. And we have to say – we absolutely love it! The mix of floral appliqué on dotted tulle in the skirt is youthful, funky and fun (and exactly the kind of thing we would expect from the woman who made that Devi Steam Set!). The cap sleeves – a rare choice for wedding dresses, particularly amongst celebrities – add a real touch of class, for a very classy lady.

As for the rest of their wedding day, Gwyneth and Brad seemed to take a very relaxed, rustic approach. Whilst some celebrity weddings clamour for the headlines, this ceremony and reception was designed with the intention of going under the radar – which also goes some way in explaining why the pair kept their photos under wrap for so long! Their venue is Instagram-perfect, and the florals as provided by Putnam Flowers came in a very sophisticated variety of whites, creams, and pastel pinks.

The evening event was as fabulous and star-studded as you can all imagine, and of course Gwyneth’s other half in the Marvel universe made a welcome appearance. Robert Downey Jr – the Tony Stark to Paltrow’s Pepper Potts – made a speech at the reception (which imagine was hilarious knowing his sense of humor!), and several other notable guests included supermodel Karlie Kloss, actress Jennifer Aniston, and another Marvel favorite, Liv Tyler. However, though there were a lot of familiar faces there, the atmosphere remained intimate in the outdoor canopied venue. 

As for the post-reception party, Gwyneth changed into a shorter, playsuit piece with a knee-length cape that allowed her to move around for the dancing – but still look incredibly chic. Capes are definitely in for 2019, so Gwyneth is already showcasing us what is going to be hot for next season. And another Hollywood favorite actor Rob Lowe can be seen having a boogie at the after-party disco!

To see all of the photos from Gwyneth and Brad’s wedding, then head over to the Goop website who, unsurprisingly, were the first to break the news! We continue to wish this couple all the very best in their future together! 

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