Grooms: How To Surprise Your Bride On Your Wedding Day!

Surprise your future wife on the day of your wedding; we are sure you will remember it forever! Discover these charming ideas and all the details.

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The big day is edging nearer and nearer – soon you’ll be marrying your gorgeous bride! It can be difficult to surprise her if she’s spent the past few months meticulously organizing this special day. However, if your surprising skills are top of the range, take inspiration from Zankyou’s 6 ways to (pleasantly) surprise your bride on your wedding day:

  1. Create An Emotional Video
  2. Write Her A Love Letter
  3. A Surprise Trip
  4. Perform For Her
  5. An Unexpected Guest
  6. Fireworks!
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1. Create An Emotional Video For Her

Choose the best photos of both of you from when you were children along with significant moments of your relationship, just like the day you asked for her hand in marriage! You can put these moments together and place them all in a video that you can either present to her in front of your wedding guests, or take her to one side and share a quite moment between the two of you. This is something you can be working on at work or in your study space, meaning she won’t find out and ruin the surprise!

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2. Write Her A Love Letter

Maybe you’re not the most confident writing emotional messages, but even a small note saying “I love you” will surprise her and, without doubt, make her day that little more special. Hide this detail in her shoe or dress bag so that when she puts them on she’ll find it there.

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3. A Surprise Trip 

A lovely idea is to prepare an invitation for a special trip together. If your friends are the creative type, ask them to help you create this for her. No doubt she’ll be delighted and say yes! Take a look at Zankyou’s favorite places for romantic trips. There is SO much of this world to explore and what better than doing so with your new wife!

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4. Perform For Her 

Are you good at singing or dancing? Do you play an instrument? Perfect! Organize a small show on stage with a song that you want to dedicate. If suddenly your thing is not singing, you can hire a musical group and sing along with them especially to surprise her. Nothing better than romanticism to continue conquering the heart of your future wife.

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 5. An Unexpected Guest

Talk to that friend who lives away. No doubt your future brie will have already sent them a wedding invitation, and they will have rsvp’d saying they can’t make it. No worries – this is perfect. Once she or he turns up on your special day, she’ll be delighted! Don’t forget to get the photographer to capture this moment on camera, it’ll no doubt be making the photo album!

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6. Fireworks!

If the place where the wedding will take place is suitable for artificial games, your girlfriend will be more than impressed by this idea. You could talk in advance with the provider in charge and thus have everything sorted out in secret. But remember: women seem to find out everything so this is one for the more secretive grooms.

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Creating a surprise for your future wife may at first seem difficult to pull off, and it will be, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. In most cases you don’t need to invest large sums of money, the most important thing is to think about her, and knowing what makes her happy!

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