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  • Green everywhere – celebrate your wedding with a green eco-friendly theme

Green everywhere – celebrate your wedding with a green eco-friendly theme

Take a look at Amanda's innovative green ideas in order to be more environmentally conscious and create an eco-friendly wedding.

Green everywhere – celebrate your wedding with a green eco-friendly theme
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A wedding is considered the most auspicious event of an individual’s life. Therefore, an extravagant amount of money and time needs to be invested in these events. Every year almost 2.4 million couples get married in the USA, and the average couple spends $33k on their special day.

In recent comments, the expenses and items used for weddings have been criticized for being a large contributor to environmental degradation and pollution. This is why green wedding venues and decorations have trended and are becoming more and more popular. Let’s discuss some of the ways to include greenery in your wedding, in an attempt to become more environmentally conscious.

Ideas for including greenery

A wedding is a special day for any couple. Many people have thought about their wedding day ever since they were young. Therefore, it is important to take responsibility for your wedding and establish exactly what you need and desire. However, due to the current environmentally endangering issues that are becoming more and more highlighted in the need to ‘save the planet‘, it has now become a matter of time, with our current actions framing the future of our planet. So why don’t we discuss some of the green ideas that you can include in your wedding, as a positive action towards this movement.

1. Set a green scene.

If you are planning to add greenery in your wedding, you need to set the scene first. The venue you choose plays a big part in fulfilling the green look of a wedding. Select a destination wedding or an outdoor location with shrubs and manicured gardens. These scenes of nature will accompany your green wedding theme, and it will provide a beautiful background for your pictures.

2. Create a naturally attractive reception

When you plan for a green wedding, you have multiple choices to decorate and select your reception area. If you don’t want to host a reception outside, a tent is the best option. Use natural plants and herbs to decorate the scene.

3. Choose green bridesmaids dresses

Bridesmaids are very much in the spotlight of the wedding, after the bride and groom of course. It is important for the bridesmaids’ dresses to match the theme. You can use any shade of green for the right dress color, from mint green to teal green to emerald green… any color can help make a style statement. It also helps if you have a contrasted background for the dresses to stand out in pictures.

4. Green the bouquet

The traditional purpose of the bride carrying a bouquet was to scare away bad spirits. These bouquets were originally made from different herbs. So why don’t we bring back this tradition into our green wedding; collaborate with your florist and incorporate different shades of green in your bouquet.

You can use a range of fragrant herbs and shrubs in the bouquet to make it greener. Using cacti will not only increase aesthetics but will also depict your style as unique.

5. Place a center piece

Traditionally flowers are decorated as the center piece of the wedding decoration. Include greenery in the centerpiece to comply with the theme of the wedding. The green center piece can be equally as attractive as flower pieces. You can mix different plants and white stones with a glass structure to make a captivating center piece. Include innovative geometric shaped vases for that extra edge.

6. Pack return gifts

Return gifts are not only the staple of weddings; they also reflect your humility towards the guests. With a green theme, there are plenty of gifts that you can give away as multiple items. The first option is a plant pot. You can gift your guests a cactus or a smaller indoor plant. Or you can gift them tree seeds to grow in their garden. Alternatively, recyclable materials like bags are also an option.

7. Bake a green cake

At a wedding, every single guest is just dying to see the wedding cake. So, this is your chance to make a bold green statement with your wedding cake. There are two options: either a cake that is completely green – the sponge as well as the decoration, or the sponge cake is a normal color, and it is decorated with dainty flowers or green leaves.

Both types of cakes will make a style statement, and the use of natural elements in the cake decor will make the cake taste even better.

8. Arrange a woodland runner

If you are on a limited budget, then this is a great idea for you. The use of moss, fern, and leaves on a wooden tale can do wonders for a green wedding. The placement of moss and fern as a base decoration on a wooden table, garnished with leaves and flowers, will create a mesmerizing decorative piece. If you want to add more, you can include candles and a glass vase. A backyard reception will immediately convert into a woodland wonder.

9. Nautical wreath

Creating a green nautical wreath for decoration is certainly a unique idea. You can use green leaves to create a wreath tie with a long ribbon of contrasting color. Using a patterned ribbon is even more attractive. It is recommended not to include flowers in the wreath, as the theme shouldn’t be too floral. Lace these wreaths on the side of benches or the back of chairs. You can also place them on the pillars of the entrance.

10. Decorate candles with foliage

When it comes to the table decoration, sometimes less is more. If you are trying to avoid hassle decorating your green wedding, use this tip – a simple foliage centerpiece with a candle is all you need. Use a glass or mud vase filled with moss or leaves and place a candle in the center. This is definitely going to help create a sophisticated look for your green wedding.

11. Hang scented lights

No matter which setting you are planning on, you are going to need some lights. Hanging leaves from the lights will make it look stunning, plus you can do multiple variations such as using herbs or shrubs with the lights. Don’t go for an overly decorated piece, however. Tie some scented herbs with the hanging lights. It will not only create an attractive decorative piece, but its aroma will also spread around positive energy among the guests.

A wedding is not only about the decoration

A wedding is not only about decorating everything in green and fulfilling your responsibility as a decorator; there are other elements other than decoration that also need attention, such as invitations and food. You need to think about every aspect of the wedding and try to be as eco-friendly as possible.

12. Send eco-friendly invitations

With the increasing environmental consciousness, numerous vendors are providing eco-friendly cards nowadays. These invitation cards are printed on eco-friendly material, such as recycle paper, or wood. Plant-able paper or seed paper is also an option. Print your invitations on these papers so that they can be converted into a plant when placed in a pot.

13. Reduce food waste

Food wasted is largely debated in eco-friendly weddings. Have you ever imagined what happens to the meal that is left on the plates? Well it is thrown straight into the trash, which is in my opinion a huge disrespect for the food and the hard work from the farmers’ side. Why not opt for a buffet rather than a set course, so that any food left over can be packed by the caterers and dispatched to a nearby homeless shelter – a much better option than wasting good food.

14. Rent not buy

The single-use of any element is not healthy for the environment, and not every element can be eco-friendly. If you are willing to include such items that can harm the environment and that you only need to use once, then go for renting. Search for websites that rent wedding items like cutlery, linens, and table covers.

15. Don’t litter

Using confetti or doing the tradition of throwing rice on the newlywed couple is not exactly environmentally friendly; it creates heaps of trash and nothing else. Why not use flower petals instead, which will in addition give a more scented and picturesque look to the wedding.

Could a green wedding be for you?

With the increasing awareness of climate issues, eco-friendly ideas are becoming more and more popular. Green weddings are starting to trend, as couples are more environmentally conscious and want to reduce the environmental impact of their wedding. A green wedding is not an extremely difficult task to achieve, but it does however require some additional effort. You will need to cater to every aspect that will make your wedding ‘green’ and will most likely need to pre-arrange items. However, it is definitely worth the extra hassle! So why not take some of my green ideas; even if just one, it will still help! Incorporate it into your green wedding and you will be one step closer to help save our planet.

Author’s bio

Amanda Jerelyn is currently working as a Content Executive at Crowd Writer. You can avail of her research paper writing service at any time. She is a dedicated environmentalist and a passionate writer. Her passion and dedication are visible from her blogs.


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