Goodbye Useless Wedding Gifts, Hello Zankyou!

Five blenders. Four silver trays. Three cutlery sets. Two panini makers and one giant poster of the film Titanic (but you said you loved panini´s and young Leo). No, I’m not listing prizes from The Price Is Right – this could be a list of some of the gifts you´ll receive on your wedding day if you don´t have a clear registry. Duplicates are annoying to return and sometimes sentimentally meant gifts (ones that you can´t return) are even worse.

Though it may surprise some of you, what with technology helping us refine the wedding experience so that its tailored exactly to our wishes that in 2015 there are still people who dare to give bad wedding gifts. Gifts are always welcome, but more often than not, they don’t serve any real purpose and tend to end up as clutter.


But there’s no need to fret! Just leave it to us! Zankyou simplifies your wedding planning and guest managing by allowing to put all the relevant information in one place.

How does it all work? Easy! Just register on Zankyou to create your  free wedding website with us (here are some demos) then activate your online registry. After that, it’s time to get creative! You can select gifts from our vast catalog of ideas or create your own gifts, by choosing the photo and assigning a price and a short description – add experiences, honeymoon funds, charities, etc. With our service, you can create a truly digital wishlist that is as great as your imagination!

Credits: Rosario Borzacchiello Photography


The beauty of our online wedding registry is that you don’t receive physical gifts. You receive the cash equivalent (directly to your bank account) which you can spend with total freedom. Need a new sofa? Want some money to go towards your honeymoon? Saving for the arrival of your first child? You can do whatever you want, whenever you want with the money you receive!

Zankyou’s rates for receiving gifts are some of the lowest on the market, at 2.85% + $0.99 per transaction. And these can be further reduced to 2.25% + $0.50 for customers who purchase the premium registry pack.

Credits: RPS Wedding Photography


So say goodbye to all the problems that come with a traditional registry and hello to the future!

All you need is Zankyou!

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