Getting Married in Italy? Melograno Wedding Lab Makes Your Dream Come True!

A wedding in beautiful, enchanted, and romantic Italy is something we secretly all wish for, but none of us really make it happen. Melograno Wedding Lab wants to help you by organizing the wedding of your dreams!

Getting Married in Italy? Melograno Wedding Lab Makes Your Dream Come True!
Credits: Melograno Wedding Lab
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Elena from Melograno Wedding Lab makes your dream reality by realizing her own wedding planning. She dedicates her love and time to creating the weddings that couples could only wish for. Due to her marketing studies, she got to work in different work fields: congress, tourism, and fashion. These various worlds gave her the insight that if she would combine them, she could find the perfect job and she did. She started her own company and turned her passion into a job. Are you curious and interested in a destination wedding in Italy? Continue reading to discover more about Melograno Wedding Lab

Credits: Melograno Wedding Lab


Elena has always had a thing for event planning. Her first job was organizing conferences for a pharmaceutical company. From then on, she jumped into other fields, such as fashion. As she continued living her life, she got engaged. As an engaged woman, she found herself talking about her wedding with friends. Everyone told her that is was going to be stressful, beautiful, but also demanding. Instead of agreeing to those feelings, Elena felt like it was one of the most exciting moments of her entire life, full of energy and creativity. She was blown away by the experience and from this moment on she realized that this is something she wants to repeat and turned it into her job. Nowadays, she works alone and relies on trusted external collaborators, but she does not exclude the possibility of finding someone to work with her in the future.

She was looking for a name that perfectly identified her business. When she began to look around, she became fascinated and conquered by a styled image of a pomegranate which looked very similar to a heart (the Italian word melograno means pomegranate). She then dived into the meaning of the fruit and discovered, with great surprise, that in its simplicity it contains a lot of meanings: it is a symbol of productivity, wealth, union, completeness, and fertility. The union between image and content was so strong that she could not think of anything else that would better suit her business.

Credits: Melograno Wedding Lab


The terms that best define her job as a wedding planner are: class and beauty customized to the client’s tastes. Elena is from Florence, and therefore likes to add that the elegance of simplicity is a true luxury for her. The style that best defines her work is either classic or trendy, but the thing she always looks for in planning a wedding is the presence of refinement. It does not matter whether a wedding is small or large; Elena loves the intimate and simultaneously adores the adrenaline she gets from big ones.

When we asked Elena what makes her better than other wedding planners, she gave us a beautiful answer. She answered: I believe that each of us differs in something, it cannot be defined better or worse. Each customer must find himself in the style that the wedding planner offers. I don’t expect to organize just a successful event, but I try to empathize with the spouses as much as possible to share with them all the emotions until the big day.”

Credits: Melograno Wedding Lab


She offers different packages.

  • Pomegranate Always with you: the complete advice to organize your wedding day without worries
  • Melograno “A la carte”: even if you have already taken some steps on your own, Elena would be more than happy to help you complete the organization of the event by taking care of the missing steps
  • Melograno Italian Experience: for couples who want to make their wedding even more special by spending extra days with family and friends, this is the option you want to go for. She will take care of the entire organization combined with various activities during your stay
  • Elopement package: the perfect package for those who want an unconventional wedding and a romantic getaway

Since she believes that the wedding is an emotion that begins well before the day you say yes to your partner, she also offers to help you with the organization of a fairytale wedding proposal and a bachelorette party to share the most memorable moments with your loved ones.

The steps from beginning to end 

When we asked Elena what the steps in wedding planning are, she gave us the following eleven steps:

  1. The choice of location
  2. The creation of the mood board that will inspire the event thanks to the attentive listening to the customer’s tastes and her interpretation of the mood
  3. Drafting the budget according to needs and requests
  4. Assistance in preparing the necessary documents for the registration of the wedding
  5. The stylistic project of the event: to create a coordinated image that will guide you during all the choices of the organization that have to be made
  6. Search, selection and coordination of suppliers (catering, flowers, music, make-up artist, hairstylist, lights, photos, and videos etc.)
  7. Design of the stands, involving craftsmen and professionals that have proven to be trustworthy
  8. Two to three live inspections of the location of the party, of the church, or the place where the ceremony will take place
  9. Constant contacts via Skype for updates on the project and sharing of choices
  10. Creation of a shared folder relating to the event documents
  11. Supervision and coordination throughout the wedding day
Credits: Melograno Wedding Lab

The greatest satisfaction in Elena’s job according to her on the wedding day itself when she realizes that she made everything possible. Last but not least we asked her what she thinks that makes a wedding unique and special. Her answer was: The atmosphere and magic that you breathe in the air. The great emotion and satisfaction in the eyes of the spouses and the happiness of those who support them on this day.” If you want Melograno Wedding Lab to organize your wedding (which we completely understand!) we advise you to book Elena at least 6 months, but preferably 12 months before your wedding.

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