Get Married on the Seine River and See Paris in a Whole New Light!

Have you been looking for an entirely unique and romantic wedding venue? Look no further! This destination wedding venue in Paris not only romantic, it´s historical and cultural, too!

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Throughout the centuries, Paris has been one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in the world. The city boasts gorgeous architecture, incredible food, and delicious wine – it´s why so many couples still dream of getting married in France.

saveYour wedding in Paris, Seine River. © Trentième Etage
Your wedding in Paris, Seine River. © Trentième Etage

The City of Love has been the destination of so many weddings that it is well-equipped to accommodate any kind of event, big or small, extravagant or intimate. Whatever your dream venue, decor, catering etc, Label’ Emotion Paris can help you achieve your dream wedding. From castles to rustic farmsteads, vintage to thoroughly modern, the Parisian planning agency knows how to make every dream can come true.

In particular, if you´ve been wanting to organize something very special and unique for your wedding, Label’ Emotion Paris has the perfect venue: a boat that drifts past the famous and historical buildings of Paris along the Seine River. Talk about an impressive background scenery!

saveA perfect wedding in Paris. © Trentième Etage
A perfect wedding in Paris. © Trentième Etage

Whether your guests are coming from all over the world, or even if they know Paris very well, the experience of seeing Paris by boat will enchant all. Even the Parisians themselves, when invited to a wedding on the Seine River, are completely charmed by the familiar sites of their city seen in a different light.

Label’ Emotion Paris ensure that everything is exceptional so that you and our guests can enjoy to the fullest the original venue, the romantic atmosphere, the lights of the city, and the incredible experience.

Wedding design by Label´ Emotion Paris

There are different kinds of boats available, from a private yacht to a vintage barge. You can choose to get on board just in front of the Eiffel Tower – how´s that for a grand entrance! Some boats stay alongside the quay, while others offer you a cruise along the Seine, allowing you and your guests to discover Paris differently. A cruise will generally last between 2 and 3 hours, during the cocktail reception and dinner.

After the tour, the boat usually docks back at the same port, but that doesn´t mean the party is over – many boats include DJ booths, piano bars, dance floors and bar services, so you and your guests can stay in one venue for the reception and party.

saveGetting married in Paris, Label’ Emotion Paris. © Trentième Etage
Getting married in Paris, Label’ Emotion Paris. © Trentième Etage

After a photo session around the most famous spots in Paris (Trocadero, Eiffel Tower, etc,), this couple from the Philippines celebrated their wedding on one of the privatized boats located in front of the Eiffel Tower. The reception started with a nice tour of Paris, discovering all the beautiful places and monuments from the river by day AND by night on the return, so that they and their guests got to see the famous City of Lights.

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For more information, please contact Label’ Emotion Paris, your wedding planner in Paris, who will be happy to organize everything for you.

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