Get-Along-Gang: Navigating the Politics of being a bridesmaid

How do you navigate the politics of being a bridesmaid? Keep cool and remember this is your friend's day.

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It’s really only natural. Your best friend has other friends than you. When she gets engaged, and asks you to join her bridal party, a whole lot of worlds begin colliding! Suddenly, you’re thrust into relationships with a group of new gals, some of which you have no former experiences with. It can be tricky and complicated—maybe I’m just speaking for myself but sometimes us women can be…errr..catty? Fiesty? Complicated??
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I know my utmost goal when asked to be a bridesmaid is A: be helpful and B: Accomplish my bridesmaid duties to the best of my ability. Problem is, we all have ‘our’ way making things happen! So what is a bridesmaid to do? How can you stay as neutral as Switzerland? After having been in quite a few weddings myself, and knowing lots of gals who share that same experience, here are three of my favorite tips on dealing with bridesmaid politics:
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1. Stay positive—no one likes a Debbie Downer. It’s always the best rule of thumb to appreciate the ideas and talents of your fellow maids! Even if you think you have a better idea or way of getting the job done, that’s not what being a bridesmaid is about. It’s about working together as a group to support your friend, THE BRIDE.
2. Don’t Trash Talk—this is a good tip for life in general, but it’s especially important to follow in the months leading up to your friends big day! The group of gals you’re partnered with may not be YOUR first choice in companions, but you’re going to be spending an awful lot of time with them for an indefinite amount of time before the wedding day is over. Take the high road, stay classy and keep negative opinions to yourself!
3. NEVER complain to the bride—You may struggle to get along with EVERY member of the bridal party, but that is no reason to complain to the bride. She chose you all because she loves you, and you are important to her in different ways and for different reasons. Brides have so many different things to worry about when planning their wedding; her best group of girl friends should NOT become one of them.
These tips may not seem that groundbreaking, but I think it’s shocking how many of us bridesmaids are guilty of breaking them at one point or another! Remember—stay classy! Cheers!

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