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Generation X, Y and Z: A History of How We Get Married

Now that you know what the most popular generations are like today, think that times change. Some people say that "any past time was better", but it never hurts to reinvent yourself. It almost always works.

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The topic of generations has become a matter of great permanence. Nowadays, we only talk about the habits common to each generation. Whether we like it or not, times change and we have no choice but to accept that along with that cultures and people change too. 

Generation X includes people born between 1966 and 1980 and are children of the baby boomers and parents of the Millennials. The latter, also called Generation Y, represents the adults of today, who are now in the most common age range for getting married. Next, Generation Z, between the mid-90s to which we the turn of the millennium: At the moment, this generation are still involved in school.

In relation to weddings, the changes are substantial. How did the previous generation host a wedding? How do we tend to get married now? And how will they do it in years to come?

saveErnesto Naranjo
Photo: Ernesto Naranjo

Generation X

Although the protocol was not as strict as in previous years, there were aspects of the wedding that were taken for granted. The suit and tie made up the only options for men, and women could not choose the casual looks they usually wear today. However, they had already forgotten the pomposity of eighties weddings and began to bet on minimalism. Although, that being said, we did see dresses much brighter than ones we see brides wearing today.

saveLorena San José
Photo: Lorena San José

The setting of the wedding was not as big of a challenge as it is now. While nowadays special decorations are being prepared, many based on DIY and bespoke, Generation X used to celebrate its banquets in neatly decorated halls, where you could choose accessories such as table linen, but little else and without too much originality. In fact, it was much more difficult to differentiate one event from another than today, where weddings are much more personalised.

Photo: Fotocracia

Generation Y

The first revolution of recent times begins with this generation. In the previous one, there were still vestiges of the usual weddings, although they were already beginning to see symptoms of regeneration. Millennials marry later, they do it more informally and leave many matters in the hands of wedding planners, although the DIY philosophy is also very present. The spaces used are varied and are not limited to the large rooms of their predecessors.

Internet is the key to the new century’s weddings. Within the virtual world, all the influencers of the network serve the bride and groom to receive advice on wedding sets, spaces and, above all, decoration. Millennial weddings have a more humble touch and, in turn, very modern. The vintage, boho or country-chic style dominates over all else, as well as the rural spaces converted into enclaves with glamor.

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saveThe Creative Shot
Photo: The Creative Shot

The suits and dresses follow a more casual line, something more hippie and bohemian. In terms of gastronomy, we are witnessing a new culinary concept, strongly marked by the avant-garde. International and specialized food (vegans, celiacs…) is the order of the day and the flavors in general are part of a wild, fresh and innovative symphony. Food-trucks, candy-bar and other original experiments with food are taken away. In addition, the stationery takes importance, much more informal than before, and bring activities such as photo-booth or photo-call.

saveSara Lobla
Photo: Sara Lobla

Generation Z

What will happen in weddings of the next generation? At the moment, we know very little, however, it is estimated that the members of Generation X will be more responsible, structured and with more possibilities than those of previous times, perhaps because of the importance of digital technology and the values that have taken relevance in recent times, creating a society more open, cultural, traveling, tolerant and ambitious.

Taking into account the influence of Internet and technology in the past generation, in generation Z will have much more prominence in weddings. Their children have been born with computers and tablets in their hands and they know perfectly how to handle any device from an early age, so their weddings promise very important technological revolutions.

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