Game of Thrones: How to Organize a Wedding Based on the Series

It’s all about pop culture, folks. Pop culture fandom has crossed all barriers to become a protagonist in our everyday lives. Game of Thrones is one pop culture phenomenon that has hooked the whole planet. Fans have paid homage to the series in all kinds of ways, from themed parties to naming their children after series characters. We want show our appreciation for the books by George R.R. Martin in our own way. Discover a Game of Thrones themed wedding.

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Details of Ice & Fire

Though the land and time that Game of Thrones is set in is made up, the setting is very closely tied to The Middle Ages. Candles, scrolls, chalices, banners, flags, looms… the possibilitites for such an event are endless.

Using the series as your inspiration, the symbols of each house (deer, direwolves, dragons, lions, and more) should come first in the decoration, both on the walls and tables of your reception. Candles should be arranged in chandeliers. The rest of the lighting should be dim for a warm and cozy atmosphere. Maps are of great importance in the Game of Thrones world and can be used to organize banquet seating and direct guests.

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Stationary of the Past

The invitations and save the dates are excellent ways to take advantage of the symbols, slogans, and emblems that we see throughout the series. Display the symbols of the Starks , Targaryens, Lannisters, Greyjoys, Tyrells, Martells and other houses to let your guests know what kind of wedding to expect. You can also use wax to seal wedding menus and medieval typography to recreate every detail of daily life in this mythical fantasy.

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Bride or Princess?

“I’m not a princess, I’m a Khaleesi,” says Daenerys Targaryen in reference to her royal title in Dothraki culture. Wedding dresses inspired by the series have been based heavily on the looks of the atypical princess Khaleesi, from her most elegant gowns of blue, white, and silver tones to her bolder and wilder ensembles with red, orange, and yellow hues. Hairstyles are also heavily inspired by the Mother of Dragons, that is to say, braids, waves, and up-dos paired with combs, crowns, and tiaras.

The series pays attention importance to women. Long dresses in deep red tones, like those worn by Cersei, light and delicate gowns like those of Margaery Trtell, or the strong yet simple outfits we see on Sansa Stark are the perfect inspiration for a Medieval wedding.

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photo: Willinghams Photography
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How should a gentleman dress? As a dandy from the twelfth century, with pristine armor shining under the sun, ready for battle. Of course at your wedding there will be no big battle, except perhaps a non-violent joust. However, Jaime Lannister and Stannis Baratheon have been known to show off their noble elegance with impressive armor. Since armor is not as easy to acquire as a suit, your future husband can opt for a nice jacket with the logo of your favorite house with a coat and vest underneath for a sophisticated touch.

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Grand Halls

Traditional banquet halls are the best setting for a wedding of this kind. We recommend broad rooms with stone and wood as the main elements. Looms, chandeliers, and flowers are great additions to really transform the space into something out of the series. If you really want to celebrate like nobility, opt for a castle, rural house, or mansion. Outdoor spaces with lots of natural scenery are very good for occasions of this sort. Can you imagine your wedding in a replica of the throne room in King’s Landing? You could imitate the great celebrations we’ve seen at the foot of the Iron Throne.  If you are more for the cold, use Ned Stark and Catelyn’s home in Winterfell as inspiration. Think snow, fur coats, and crows.

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A Feast for a King

The banquet should copy the great feasts of the Middle Ages, where the quantity and quality are placed at the same height . Excess is key but certain elegance should always be maintained. Imagine large pieces of meat (cutlets, shoulders, tenderloin, and leg of lamb) and large servings of potatoes and vegetables. Create medieval table settings with the proper cutlery and tablecloths and let the wine flow (Tyrion Lannister would approve). Music consisting of violins, cellos, and bagpipes will make the end result more than perfect.

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Dangerously Delicious Desserts

The dessert should be treated with very special care. Hire the best pastry chef and include details from the series on your wedding cake. You can serve sweet dragon eggs to really surprise your guests.

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If traditional weddings aren’t your thing then why not turn the event into a scene from your favorite pop culture phenomenon. Enjoy a different wedding with Game of Thrones as your guide. Just remember to have your guests play the part.

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