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Galia Lahav Releases Ready to Wear Wedding Dresses: GALA Collection No. 1

Luxury pret-a-porter wedding dresses are here from the highly coveted bridal designer, Galia Lahav!

  • Party dresses
  • 2015
  • Galia Lahav

Inspired by romantic capitals around the world, the ready to wear wedding dresses in Gala Collection No. I by Galia Lahav are dreamy, sensual and romantic, as well as structured and striking.

saveImage: GALA 601 & 604 back
Image: GALA 601 & 604 back
saveImage: GALA 610 & 604
Image: GALA 610 & 604
saveImage: GALA 611-front
Image: GALA 611-front
saveImage: GALA 611-back
Image: GALA 611-back

These wedding dresses reflect a vision of the sunset gleaming over the city’s skyline. Accents of prismatic light are scattered across the dresses using unique crystal beading embroidery, reminiscent of the way light catches glass windows and metal structures. These aspects are soften with a variety of silk chiffon fabrics and soft tulle.

saveImage: GALA 602-front
Image: GALA 602-front
saveImage: GALA 602-back
Image: GALA 602-back

Each wedding dress in the collection is designed with comfort and high luxury in mind – making each dress special and unique.

saveImage: GALA 603 front
Image: GALA 603 front
saveImage: GALA 606 back & 603
Image: GALA 606 back & 603
saveImage: GALA 606-front
Image: GALA 606-front
saveImage: GALA 609-front
Image: GALA 609-front

“Layers of lightweight, delicate, and “balletic” silks, shimmery crystal beading that catches the light, and the house’s renowned trademarked hand-made embroideries exemplify Galia Lahav’s unique style.” 

saveImage: GALA 605-front & 607-back
Image: GALA 605-front & 607-back
saveImage: GALA 607-full
Image: GALA 607-full
saveImage: GALA 605
Image: GALA 605
saveImage: GALA 608
Image: GALA 608

Soft tulle in blush and nude tones with unique handmade embellishments feature strongly in this collection – reminiscent of the sun setting and filtering through a cityscape. Flattering fitted bodices with flowing layered skirts and trains, and dramatic silhouettes beautifully harmonize in each gown in the Gala Collection.

saveImage: GALA 610-full
Image: GALA 610-full
saveImage: GALA 604-side
Image: GALA 604-side
saveImage: GALA 612-front
Image: GALA 612-front

Such an incredible collection – Galia Lahav never fails to impress us. Which dress was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!



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