With Love from Italy: the World's Most Romantic Wedding Destinations

Romance is synonymous with Italy. Get married in a stunning lakeside castle, in the Romeo and Juliet style buildings of Verona or by the breath-taking Amalfi Coast. It is easier than you think, so what are you waiting for?

With Love from Italy: the World's Most Romantic Wedding Destinations
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When you think of romance, you think of Italy. Not many places can really compare to the authentic hustle and bustle of Rome, the quaint and sparkly skyline of Florence by night, the beautiful buildings of Venice connected by iconic waterways, or the backdrop of vineyards and mountains found on the Amalfi Coast.

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Italy is the setting for the language of love: have a Romeo-and-Juliet-style wedding for a truly authentic and unforgettable experience.  In fact, Italy has most recently become one of the world’s most popular wedding destinations, and here is why:

1. Spectacular Venues

In Italy you can choose to get married in anything from a grand castle, a small villa, a gorgeous outdoor space, an authentic village church, a typical Italian restaurant, or a luxury hotel. The choices are endless, but you can be sure that whatever your venue, the backdrop to your wedding will be spectacular. From beautiful, historical cities to breath-taking coastlines, tranquil lakes, or romantic and quaint villages, passion and romance permeate through Italy’s art, architecture, food… and pretty much every aspect of its culture.

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How about a beautiful Italian villa? The country has a plethora of historic and elegant villas – they carry a lot more tradition and culture than you might first assume when you hear of a luxury villa. In fact, they were the grand homes of some of the country’s most prominent historic figures. Villa Chiringuito is simply perfect for a destination wedding because it has beautiful gardens for an al fresco ceremony, always accompanied by helpful staff for an impeccable service. Your big day will be unforgettable in this idyllic spot.

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Photo: Villa Chiringuito

Another villa we love is Villa Quaranta, especially if you are looking for that extra touch of luxury and comfort. The SPA Terme della Valpolicella will pamper you before and after your romantic ceremony, and there are 79 ultra-comfortable rooms for you and your guests to relax in after the big celebration.

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Photo: Villa Quaranta

Fancy something more historic? More impressive? Something out of a fairy tale? Well, look no further than Castello di Naroa majestic medieval fortress dating to the 6th century, surrounded by the green hills that extend over the municipality of Cagli, in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, not far from Art Cities such as Urbino, Gradara, Gubbio and Assisi. The magnificence of its architectural structure, the large, elaborate gardens, and the surrounding alluring landscapes of untouched nature make it the perfect dream wedding location. Unsurprisingly, the castle was included by Sposi Magazine among the 25 best Italian wedding locations from “Thousand and One Nights”, not only for its striking beauty, but also for its romantic, intimate atmosphere. Castello di Naro is the perfect choice if you want jaws to drop in awe of your big day.

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Castello di Naro

Castello di NaroCastello di Naro

Another beautiful castle option is Castello Benelli. The impressive stables bring us back to ancient eras and a noble life. Here, the expert staff will be on hand to help you with every detail of the event, from the décor and catering to the on-the-day logistics.

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Photo: Castello Beneli

Alternatively, the 16th century Masseria Grieco is full of magic and wonder. We have never seen a quirky structure quite like it. The Apulian architecture consists of arches, terraces and locally sourced stone brick walls – there is also a little church for the ceremony, as well as a pretty garden and an elegant pool on the horizon.

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Photo: Masseria Grieco

We also love how Tenuta Monacelli is a venue that blends the architecture of the two complexes, Masseria Monacelli and Masseria Giampaolo, dating back to the fifteenth century. Surrounding this, you will discover a pool, a courtyard, centuries-old olive groves and the holm oak forest. Nature and history come together in what makes an ideal location for country/rural-chic weddings.

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Photo: Tenuta Monacelli

Back to looking at gorgeous villas now – Italy just has so many! Villa Mosconi Bertani offers a perfect setting to set up an unforgettable event. Despite its wonder and charm, it is also a venue you can add your creative and personal decorative touches to, so your event will be truly bespoke. Your guests will enjoy a unique and refined atmosphere, which will guarantee an incredible celebration for your wedding reception, after which you will dance all night long under the stars.

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Photo: Villa Moscani Bertani

Immersed in the charming medieval village of Trezzo sull’Adda, there is Villa Appiani, a prestigious historic residence of the 18th century. Now the venue welcomes joyous wedding receptions, as well as offering accommodation for guests. Here you can have romantic photo shoots to immortalize your wedding day memories. The venue is located halfway between Milan and Bergamo, a great location to start your honeymoon, too!

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Photo: Villa Appiani

2. Reliable Weather

The weather on your wedding day is always a big concern. Everything else can be planned perfectly, only to have it ruined by some unpredictable rain – ruining your photos, your dress, and your overall mood.

With a wedding in Italy, you can be assured that your perfect day will be made even better by the sun. It is pretty much perfect from May to October every year, so a wedding in Italy is definitely worth the journey. Your guests will be sun-kissed whilst enjoying your special moments.

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With such a good climate in Italy, there are more reasons to choose a spectacular venue with outdoor spaces to enjoy. You will not want to be cosy indoors when the sun is glorious outside – so consider somewhere that allows for an outdoor ceremony, reception, and celebration.

3. Flawless Food

Italy is world famous for its food: think fresh ingredients, hearty meals, world class catering… need we say more?

What makes Italian food taste so great is probably the amount of time put into its preparation. Love and effort goes into every culinary creation, even their pasta is often made from scratch with fresh ingredients. From aged cheeses, to freshly baked bread – the Italians do it best.

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4. It will be Magical

The Italian Lake district offers vast landscapes with breath-taking views of the water – get married in a grand waterside house or a secluded castle, and feel the fresh lakeside air on your special day.

Alternatively, the stunning city of Florence is full of art and culture, gardens, squares and the famous Duomo. Beautiful stone palaces are surrounded by lush rolling hills and blue sky. This romantic, renaissance city will certainly not disappoint! Use VisitFlorence for more information.

5. It is easy!

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Le Rêve

Tying the knot in Italy is easy, as there are no residency requirements. The documents that you need must be correctly translated into Italian and put before an Italian counsellor. However, it is advisable that you get expert wedding planning advice from someone actually based in Italy, in order to ensure your day goes perfectly to plan.

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Le Rêve

This is why you need to hire Le Rêve. They will handle everything you need for your Italian Destination Wedding, from the documents to the decorations. By hiring Le Rêve you will be relaxed throughout your planning process knowing that everything is being meticulously organised in Italy by outstanding professionals.

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Le Rêve

Elisa Orsetti, wedding planner and founder of Le Rêve is one of the most renowned wedding planners in Italy for destination weddings. The team at Le Rêve welcome all couples and all weddings as they are fantastic at producing high standard events across the board, be it a civil wedding, religious, Catholic, multicultural or Jewish. The philosophy of Le Rêve is that every  culture has its own wedding rules and rituals, but what never changes is the fact that a wedding is a celebration of love. That is why Elisa and her colleagues put all their love and enthusiasm into planning every wedding they are hired to work on.

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Le Rêve

So there you have it: the essentials for  an Italian Destination Wedding. See how easy it is? Pick a venue and a planner in Italy and you are pretty much sorted. No need to fear a language barrier or fret about legal documents, you just need to enjoy your magical wedding in romantic Italy.

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