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Fresh Insights Into The World of Luxury Wedding Buyers

Discover the world of couples with the biggest budgets for their wedding celebrations and get some tips on how to participate in the luxury wedding market.

Fresh Insights Into The World of Luxury Wedding Buyers
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Luxury Weddings are no longer reserved for the ultra-rich, famous and royal. We are seeing a significant proportion of millennial couples that have decided to tie the knot, investing large funds to make their wedding extra special. Besides the trend of destination weddings, more couples are aspiring to create a luxury-grade event. According to the ZIWO 2018 study, around 1 in 5 couples in Europe will spend over $35,000 for their wedding (excluding the honeymoon) with the European average budget at around $25,000. This makes the wedding one of the biggest investments a couple will make together (after a mortgage).

Zankyou has established itself as a portal for the mid-high socio-economic millennial couple (as highlighted in our customer experience survey). Nevertheless, as we are seeing the “every-day” couple spending $40, 60, 80,000+ on their nuptials, we understand the need for a wedding platform providing luxury inspiration, which is why we launched the new luxury magazine.

As millennials are waiting a few extra years before tying the knot (with the average age now between 28 and 33) they tend to have more disposable income and so are willing and able to dedicate a bigger budget to their wedding, in addition to also receiving a financial contribution from their families.

It is important that your brand oozes luxury as to signal to your potential customers that you are the right provider for them. So how do you go about creating and positioning your luxury wedding brand? Start with a well-designed website, quality photos and appropriate text; even going as far as using the best quality paper for your business cards and always dressing smartly for your face to face meetings. All these factors and more will help define you and your services as “luxury”, helping you to match the expectations of your clientele.

For the luxury wedding buyer, distance is not an issue! If the bride with the biggest budget likes your work, then you could be on the other side of the world and she will travel to you. A typical example would be the bride looking to purchase an haute couture dress, who is willing to make several long-haul flights to meet with the designer and have her perfect gown produced for her. Many high-end bridal designers are used to welcoming many international brides in their boutique where brides will often be treated to gourmet food and wine. This is a tip for all providers looking to provide a high-end service that truly goes above and beyond.

Next, it is important to highlight that the couple planning a luxury wedding will appreciate offers just as much as any other customer. Offering large discounts may not be the way to go, as to avoid tainting your luxury tag, but the luxury wedding buyer will still appreciate any perks such as samples with free deliveries and even free returns.

Like all couples of today, the luxury buyer will also use the internet as a source of inspiration and medium to review their potential luxury providers. So featuring on luxury wedding blogs and websites is a useful tool to get to leverage your business into the luxury market. It’s important to display your ability to manage big budgets and high demands.

Most couples want their wedding to feel high class and its the skill of all the professionals involved in the production to extend the given budget to try and achieve the couple’s vision. But for those couples who are willing to pay for the most authentic and high-end experience, whether you’re an invitation company, cake maker, bridal designer or a transport hire company, all details of a luxury wedding are important and the couple expects to receive a level of service equivocal to their level of investment. Attention to detail at every stage is key!

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