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  • For Better or Worse: Everything Instagram has Taught Us About Weddings

For Better or Worse: Everything Instagram has Taught Us About Weddings

Instagram has taught us well. Find out everything we've learned!

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Instagram has had a huge impact on the world of weddings. Every year, brides-to-be consult Instagram’s endless source of wedding content for the best ideas.

Despite all of the gorgeous wedding inspiration there is to be discovered on the app, there are also some pretty horrendous wedding faux pas that should be avoided at all costs. To help you navigate through Instagram’s many wedding accounts, we want to share what Instagram has taught us about weddings, for better or for worse.

  1. Appreciate beauty

Instagram has given us a way to browse and discover the very best of wedding decorations, dresses, invitations, and organization and taught us that there are so many ways to bring beauty to your big day. With thousands of stunning accounts devoted to all things wedding, finding inspiration for the big day has never been easier.

savebodas instagram
photo: Instagram Casilda se casa
  1. The invitation deserve special attention

Your wedding officially begins with the invitation. Thanks to Instagram, we’ve discovered a whole world of possibilities from screen printing to water colors. A big event deserves a big introduction.

saveBodas instagram
photo: Instagram Roseandruby
  1. Don’t limit your wedding look.

Instagram accounts like that of Spanish designer Helena Mareque have broken from the traditional wedding dress to bring ethereal, boho-chic bridal wear.

saveBoda Instagram
photo: Macarena Olivares
  1. A good back is essential

You have to agree on this one. Whether it’s a long train, a giant bow, or a sensual back opening, the back has become the center of attention and Instagram has further demonstrated that a show stopping back is not just a trend but a total necessity.

saveBodas Instagram
photo: Helena Mareque
  1. Fairytale weddings really do exist

And they’re beautiful. In places we only thought existed in our dreams, weddings full of soft light and flowers of the most vibrant colors have taken over Instagram.

savebodas instagram
photo: Instagram Casilda se casa
  1. The shoes matter

It doesn’t matter if they’re flat or high heels, shoes have become the new must-have wedding accessory for weddings and a great way for brides to reflect their unique personalities and styles.

saveBodas Instagram
photo: Instagram Ann-Kam-Photography
  1. Buns and braids are still on top

It’s no surprise that these bridal hairstyles get so many likes every time they show up on Instagram. Buns and braids keep stealing the show and thanks to Instagram, we’ve been introduced to so many gorgeous ways to wear them.

saveBodas instagram
photos: @alecasaleiz / @mary_margaret_smith
  1. Act natural

Thanks to its endless source of skilled photographers, Instagram has blessed us with photos of genuine wedding moments that capture more beauty than any posed photo ever could!

saveBodas Instagram
Fphoto: Instagram Volvoreta Bodas
  1. Originality knows no limits

Again, thanks to Instagram, we’ve discovered a thousand beautiful and creative ways to decorate and organize your wedding. So if you’re planning a wedding and still aren’t sure how to arrange your reception, there are plenty of ideas waiting to inspire you on Zankyou’s account.

saveBodas Instagram
photo: Instagram lovemintphotography / Filipe Santos

We’ve also learned that…

  1. Less is more

The trendsetting brides of Instagram are all trading in excessive decorations for simple but elegant wedding accents, so please, don’t go overboard with the flowers, bows, centerpieces, and chandeliers. It won’t do your wedding or your wallet any favors.

saveBodas Instagram
photo: Elizabeth Burgi Photography
  1. The weather can betray you

Weddings aren’t always sunshine and rainbows (literally). We’ve seen plenty of gorgeous weddings moments in the rain and snow. If your wedding day happens to be gloomy, just put on a smile and make the best of it.

saveBodas Instagram
photo: Instagram Volvoreta Bodas
  1. Acting natural has its limits

Yes, it’s great to feel free and comfortable at your wedding and in your wedding photos, but there are some images you don’t want to imitate. Don’t forget that it’s still a wedding, despite how relaxed and modern the ceremony has become over the years.

  1. There’s space for your inner geek too

Geekdom is alive and well on Instagram and we don’t judge it at all! Decorating your wedding according to your favorite pop culture phenomenon is one way to make a wedding stand out, whether you’re a trekkie or a Star Wars fanatic.

saveBodas Instagram
photo: Elizabeth Burgi Photography

How has Instagram inspired your wedding?

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