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Five Tips For a Flourishing Facebook Profile That Allows You To Reach More Brides

Expert advice on how wedding and honeymoon providers can improve their interaction with brides on Facebook.

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Social media has opened up a world of opportunities for businesses to be able to build a relationship with their customers. Facebook continues to lead the social media platforms with over 2 billion active users per month as reported by Zephoria Digital Marketing. Any company can create an official Facebook page for their business but merely having a profile cannot guarantee you a large following nor can it guarantee a high rate of interation with your customers and potential customers. To help you get the most out of your Facebook profile as a wedding or honeymoon provider, here we offer you five top tips.

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1) Have a Flexible Calendar


Many providers like to create a calendar to plan and prepare the posts they intend to publish on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. But as Julie Hanna, Head of Social Media at Zankyou told us,

“Facebook never fails to surprise us from one week to another with its ever changing algorithms. This has consequences for the visibility of our posts meaning that we have to constantly adapt our strategy. We have to adapt our type of content, the number of daily publications and the times when we post”. She explains, “the best way to go about this is to trial these different factors (times, original content, etc) to see what works best, but the key is always quality over quantity of posts!”

So with this advice in mind, its always advisble to have a level of flexibility with what you pre-plan to allow for Facebook’s changing algorithms and to ensure that you work to maximise the visiblity of each post.

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2) Avoid the hard sell

Although it can be tempting use every post to sell your product line or directly advertise your services, but you should bear in mind that when Facebook users browse their home page, they are not necesarilly looking to “buy” any product or service at that point in time. So as oppose to adopting a hard sell tactic through your Facebook posts, a more advisable approach to posts would be to share photos, videos, relevant links and your ideas. Visual material will best capture the attention of brides and grooms, making it more likely that they like, share and tag their friends in your posts (which is the goal!). Remember your facebook profile is not like a static page on your website there to give information, but rather it is a platform to talk and interact with couples and so develop a brand personality for your company.

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3) When it comes to text – keep it simple

Nobody likes to read paragraphs and paragraphs on a social media post; this is where platforms like Facebook differ from websites and blogs (as previously mentioned). So be brief in your text and create easy-to-read posts that avoid lengthy and off-putting words. In short, write text that potential customers won’t just scroll past, think about who actually is your target audience. Begin with a line that captures a browsers attention and the use of emojis tend to go down well with Facebook users. If you’re a multi-lingual company, you should opt for the language that you use most to communicate with your brides, again securing a relationship with them.

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4) Be Responsive

Your Facebook page should not just be a monologue! The more you interct with your followers the better. One way to engage with your audience would be to ask questions e.g. a cake maker could ask for a vote between two cake designs: “like” for Cake A, “love” for Cake B. A provider can also ask its followers to share relevant stories of curiosities in the wedding planning journey. But once you generate a conversation, make sure to respond! Remember – social media is about real-time connectivity.

It’s important to have personality too, people much prefer talking to OTHER PEOPLE as oppose to receiving responses from what could appear as a robot (corporate body).

5) Follow your metrics

Finally, it is essential to use Facebook metrics to measure the reach and engagement of each of your posts. Doing this will allow you to see which of your posts work well and those that didn’t do so well. This will allow you to use the successful posts as inspiration for future post.

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You may not be a social media guru (yet) but start with these tips to get great results on your Facebook profile today. For more advice on how to maximise your digital marketing strategy, talk to our experts today!

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