FITUR: Accessing Markets Far and Wide

Zankyou attended one of the world's major tourism events, held in Madrid, Spain. FITUR is vital for the growth of many companies, and Zankyou is no different. See what makes this event unique.

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On Wednesday 18th to Friday 20th of Janaury, Isabel Tesch, VP Marketing and Sales and Head of the International team at Zankyou, along with her colleagues Sebastian Spalding-Siracusa and Aadam Singh attended the world trade event FITUR, in Madrid.

The event was held in the IFEMA centre, and was filled to the rafters with industry professionals, from world-renowned hotels and travel agencies, to tourism boards and marketing companies. We noticed that whist hotels weren’t in short supply, there was definitely more emphasis on travel agencies and tourism boards compared to the WTM in London. Whether this was by default or design we don’t know, but it made for an interesting fair. Another noticeable change was the focus on Hispanic markets. The Argentina tourism board being the official partner of the event is a clear example of this.

Although we are market leaders in Spain and Latin America, we never miss the opportunity to strengthen our hold on markets we already operate in, as well as accessing new markets. Whilst we focus on establishing business relationships in well-known honeymoon locations – Seychelles, The Maldives, Mauritius, etc. – we are discovering that an increasing number of couples are looking for more exotic and unusual honeymoon locations. To that end, events such as FITUR are perfect as they give lesser-known countries the platform to perform business negations on an international scale, and in turn giving trade professionals accessibility to these lesser-known countries.


It is vital that we have a diverse portfolio of hotels, travel agencies and tourism boards. To be successful we must cater to all needs, and not presume that everyone is searching for an idyllic beach honeymoon destination.

FITUR also made us take notice of what Spain had to offer. As mentioned before, the event was based in the Spanish capital and so a huge amount of the fair was dedicated to showing off Spain as a whole. Each region occupied large spaces in IFEMA. Even though our headquarters are in Madrid, it can be easy to take our host market for granted. However, FITUR reminded us of the sheer diversity Spain boasts, and that it is unquestionably one of the most cherished jewels in the European crown.

In short, FITUR has been very successful for Zankyou and we are eager to develop the relationships formed at the fair, and have new successful partnerships together. We now look forward to attending ITB in Berlin later this year.

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