Fitness-Themed Bridal Showers for the Exercise-Loving Bride

Instead of the traditional bridal shower, try a fitness-themed bridal shower to get into the fit and healthy lifestyle!

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The fitness craze is high for brides who want to get fit for their wedding day. Consequently, brides are establishing bridal fitness in other areas of their wedding and incorporating a fun and healthy lifestyle into their bridal showers.

We love that brides aim to get healthy and fit for their wedding day, and we absolutely adore when they involve their wedding party and even guests at wedding-related events. Some may cringe at the idea of having a bridal shower theme that’s geared towards exercise, but we have the top three fitness crazes that all guests will enjoy and even continue doing! We’ve also included delicious and beneficial food choices for guests to munch on after their workout.

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1. Yoga

A yoga-themed bridal shower has an array of benefits, starting with health. It keeps the bride and her guests fit, and it’s an overall relaxing exercise; meaning it’s perfect for reducing any stress incurred from the hectic wedding planning.

To execute this shower, invite guests to a soothing spot that is spacious enough to accommodate them. An even bigger plus would be an outdoor gathering, complete with a yogi and a sunny day to lighten everyone’s spirits. Provide guests with their own yoga mat to tote home as their favor, or for a more economical option, hand them a water bottle with a themed bridal shower label.

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2. Pilates

Many Pilates lovers are thrilled by the results and the effectiveness of Pilates, which is why so many brides have used Pilates to get in shape. It works all of the core muscles and tones them up, while keeping the weight off and bringing out an amazing body. Because Pilates can require a range of apparatuses to carry out certain exercises, it’s usually best to host this unique shower at a gym that specializes in Pilates with certified instructors.

Once the gym of choice has been selected, start the shower with fun bridal shower favors, such as a sweatband or an inexpensive washcloth with a favor tag affixed to it. Check out Balanced Body Pilates for more information about this workout.

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3. Zumba

The Zumba craze has become a mainstream exercise routine and brides adore the limitless fun that is associated with it. Dancing to electric beats while getting fit is a great way to spend a bridal shower. For this type of shower, contact a certified Zumba instructor to arrange a private lesson for a bridal shower party.

A great way to personalize this bridal shower is to create a Zumba playlist to dance to at your Zumba party. Create copies of the playlist and hand them out to guests as a favor they can use after the lesson is done.

Bridal Shower Food

4. Food

Sticking to healthy foods and desserts is a given when hosting a fitness-centric bridal shower. Create a small salad bar complete with different types of greens such as arugula, baby spinach, tatsoi, or baby kale. Serve diced grilled chicken or turkey with other healthy toppings such as vine tomatoes, pine nuts, edamame, or strawberries.

If salads don’t sound filling enough after a long workout, create a pita bar. Include the same ingredients as the salad bar, and include an array of pita breads along other Mediterranean delights such as tzatziki with chopped dill, lemon garlic hummus, and tabbouleh.

Bridal Shower Desserts

Desserts may be a tricky thing to incorporate, but a simple array of fruit is more than sufficient. Gather succulent fruits such as pineapples, grapes, raspberries, or mangoes and arrange them on a plate or in designated bowls. Guests can either eat them in small bowls with a dollop of vanilla Greek yogurt and a glaze of honey; or they can stick the fruit on skewers and dip the fruit in dark chocolate. For added crunch, they can coat the fruit kebabs in a layer of oats and hazelnuts. Guests would also love to sip on delicious and refreshing fruit smoothies after a long workout. Offer flavors like pineapple and blood orange, strawberry mango, or coconut and kiwi.

Bridal showers don’t have to be confined to a gathering of guests doting on the bride and showering her with gifts. Come up with bridal shower ideas that infuse individuality!

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