5 Fantastic Ideas For Decorating your Naked Wedding Cake

Real works of art - simplicity is key when it comes to your wedding cake! Enjoy this Naked Cake Décor inspiration!

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If you’re preparing for your wedding – or you’re simply a foodie on the lookout for the latest culinary trends – you will have already heard of the naked cake. Rid of its cream topping, this dessert lends itself to all kinds of decoration. Today, with the help of experts; Clara JungMary CherryLittle Cake Sisters and Louis Pâtissier we’re bringing you the 5 essentials for decorating your naked cake.

Mary Cherry says that “you can really let your imagination run free with the naked cake. Chocolate, vanilla, red berries, flowers, greenery…the naked cake is, by definition, very plain, so you must decorate it properly!”

savePhoto : Malvina Photography - Mary Cherry
Photo : Malvina Photography – Mary Cherry

If you do decide to go for the naked cake option, here are a few tips from Mary Cherry to get you started:

  1. Be very careful to un-mould the cake properly, you want the cake to be smooth without any holes as it won’t be covered in cream! There are several ways to make a naked cake: simply by alternately layering the cream and the sponge, or by setting, an additional thin layer of cream around the cake, called a “crumb coat” (to disguise any small imperfections);
  2. For the cream, it’s worth using one that holds fairly well so that the cake doesn’t flatten too much; you want lots of volume. But don’t panic if the cream flattens slightly between the layers of sponge, or if the cake isn’t perfectly smooth or level, what’s nice about the naked cake are precisely those raw aspects. The advantage of a naked cake its that’s its easy to do and the decoration is always very pretty!
  3. Don’t hesitate to form collections of fruit and flowers, not only on the top of the cake, but all around it.
savePhoto : Mary Cherry
Photo : Mary Cherry
Next is decoration with:

Fresh Flowers

“The “true” naked cake, has a few imperfections, and is mainly decorated with real flowers that are in keeping with the bridal bouquet or wedding decoration,” the Little Cake Sisters explain. Roses, peonies, dahlias, hydrangeas, lilies…Follow your desires while incorporating the key flowers from your wedding theme. Rustic and provincial are two motifs that are particularly appropriate for decorating your naked cake. And the Little Cake Sisters’ finishing touch? A beautiful wooden topper for a bohemian theme to complete the look!

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savePhoto : Little Cake Sisters
Photo : Little Cake Sisters
savePhoto : Clara Jung
Photo : Clara Jung
savePhoto : Clara Jung
Photo : Clara Jung
“If there’s a colorful trend that is particularly effective, it’s introducing a touch of bright color to pastels,” adds Clara Jung.
savePhoto : Clara Jung
Photo : Clara Jung

Seasonal Fruits

For the 2017 season, Little Cake Sisters propose a novelty: We will keep on with the naked cake but cover it with a slightly thicker layer of cream. The sponge won’t be visible but the cream will be worked on as to give shape to the edge of the cake.” To decorate it, showcase your artistic – and culinary – talents with seasonal fruit!

savePhoto : Clara Jung
Photo : Clara Jung
savePhoto : Jose Villa Photography.
Photo : Jose Villa Photography.
savePhoto : Les Anagnou photographers.
Photo : Les Anagnou photographers.

Gourmet Treats

Ideal for a rustic wedding, the naked cake will adapt easily to any type of wedding: “fresh flowers or seasonal fruits usually decorate my naked cakes,” explains Clara Jung, but they can also be decorated with macarons or meringues to bring a unique and crunchy touch to the cake! And why not mix the two? Everything is possible according to the wishes of the bride and groom!

savePhoto : Lexia Frank Photography
Photo : Lexia Frank Photography
savePhoto : Katie Osgood Photography.
Photo : Katie Osgood Photography.

Succulent plants

These plants, overlooked as floral decoration just a few years ago, are making a strong comeback in 2017, and will undoubtedly be a part of the most beautiful wedding trends for next year. They are perfectly adapted to wedding decoration; requiring little maintenance while adding a fanciful touch like no other.

savePhoto : @bodartstudio
Photo : @bodartstudio
savePhoto : @bodartstudio
Photo : @bodartstudio
savePhoto : Rock'N'Brides - Clara Jung
Photo : Rock’N’Brides – Clara Jung

Leaves, twigs and other elements borrowed from Nature

Of course the emphasis at a wedding is on the flowers, however brushwood, twigs and other foliage can enhance different elements of your wedding, producing a very subtle effect: the ceremony, chairs, tables…and the naked cake! Economical and original, this is the option to consider if you want to bring a unique touch to your wedding décor.

savePhoto : Paul AndZo / Mise en scène : Christelle Guégan / Alix H – Gâteaux d’exception
Photo : Paul AndZo / Mise en scène : Christelle Guégan / Alix H – Gâteaux d’exception
savePhoto : Nans Bakery
Photo : Nans Bakery
savePhoto : Call Me Gaspard -
Photo : Call Me Gaspard –
savePhoto : MissTerre Photographie / Wedding cake : Lovely Pâtisserie
Photo : MissTerre Photographie / Wedding cake : Lovely Pâtisserie
Your heart is torn between a naked cake and a more traditional wedding cake… So what if you were to try something else entirely? Check out our selection of Hand-Painted Wedding Cakes here, for more cakespiration!

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