Everything You Need To Plan For An Unforgettable Wedding In Italy

Italy is consistently voted as one of the best countries to get married in Europe for a good reason. Italy has it all. In fact, it has so much it is hard to choose who to hire for your big day. So, we have composed this list of recommendations to help you plan your perfect wedding. Enjoy!

Everything You Need To Plan For An Unforgettable Wedding In Italy
The White Rose Wedding
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One of the most enjoyable things about getting married to your life-long partner in front of your best friends and closest family is the planning process. Of course, it has its ups and downs, but in the end it always works out so long as you hire the best people and choose your wedding venue carefully. If you are reading this you have already made a great decision: a wedding in Italy is a fantastic idea. Not only has it been voted one of the best places  get married in Europe, but it also continues to surprise wedding experts with its myriad of cultural customs and traditions. Read on to find out what you might need to plan an unforgettable wedding in Italy…

Wedding planners:

saveThe White Rose WeddingFind out more about The White Rose Wedding
The White Rose Wedding

The White Rose Wedding has twenty years of experience in organizing fantastic wedding ceremonies. The company was founded with the aim of helping their clients to make the best possible decisions for every step of their wedding, holding their hands from beginning to end. The way The White Rose sees it, the process of organizing a wedding is like a large box divided into several different compartments. The White Rose offers you a step by step approach and helps you to adhere to your budget. The White Rose start their process by developing a strong understanding of the kind of event you want, your economic situation, and your personalities. The White Rose directly provides their clients with recommended, trusted, professional figures that are highly skilled at proposing customized solutions for the individuality of every customer, as required by the philosophy of the brand.

saveThe White Rose WeddingFind out more about The White Rose Wedding
The White Rose Wedding

Ester Chianelli Weddings & Events is one of Zankyou US‘s favorite Italian wedding planners. Founded on her pure passion and creativity, Ester and her team make use of their surrounding culture to find the very best inspiration for their couples. For this team, each wedding is unique, which is why they accompany each of their couples every step of the way!

saveEster Chianelli Weddings & EventsFind out more about Ester Chianelli Weddings & Events
Ester Chianelli Weddings & Events


There are unlimited options for amazing locations when getting married in Italy. From spacious Roman-turned-21st century outdoor venues, to intimate vineyards, Italy has it all.

Castello di Montignano dates back to 962 AD. It is an original medieval village overlooking the Martani Mountains. This luxury venue mixes the beauty of the old and the refinement of contemporary design, but what is most impressive about this venue is the fact that inside the walls of the castle you will find treasured happiness; settings of extraordinary emotional value have historically been celebrated far and wide within the village of Montignano.

saveCastello di MontegnanoFind out more about Castello di Montegnano
Photo: Castello di Montegnano

You will find everything you ever wished for in a wedding at ColleMassari Hospitality. The spacious landscape of 10,000 square meters is located in Tuscany, in the beautiful wild and authentic area of Maremma. It includes a vineyard, swimming pool and even a church that can be used for a symbolic ceremony. You and your guests can enjoy everything the area has to offer and enjoy a perfect day with a complimentary wine and dinner, taken care of by the catering service of the location.

saveColleMassari HospitalityFind out more
Credits: ColleMassari Hospitality

Villa Troubetskoy is a unique and wonderfully decorated location dating back to the 17th century in Mogliano Veneto. The location is perfect, as it is found between Venice and Treviso. If you ever want to get lost in a villa, this is your chance as the mansion has 500 square meters, three floors and several types of rooms. The villa is surrounded by a large park, which strengthens the relaxation vibe that comes with the atmosphere of the villa itself. It is beautiful, peaceful and you will not find it anywhere else.

Baja Roma offers their couples and their guests an unforgettable experience. A boat moored by the Tiber banks in the heart of Rome, you will not want to get off once you have climbed onboard… With the option to personalize everything, the Baja is a magical place, perfect to celebrate the most beautiful day of your life! They offer everything from the catering, the music and even bespoke flower compositions. Download their wedding brochure now and see for yourself.

saveBaja RomaFind out more about Baja Roma
Photo: Baja Roma

Tenuta Colle Ramole is the ideal combination of Tuscany’s relaxed atmosphere with the rich history of Florence. The villa is surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and cypresses which makes it an incredibly romantic place. Inside of the villa is more than enough space for you to host your guests with a spacious ballroom for up to 100 guests. If you would rather get married outside, then you will be surprised by the beauty of the terrace garden in front of the villa. Getting married here will make you feel extremely free, as the location has a garden of 2,000 square meters.

saveTenuta Colle RamoleFind out more
Credits: Tenuta Colle Ramole

Tenuta dei Normanni is a villa immersed in the green hills of Salerno; a perfect setting to celebrate you wedding. The villa juxtaposes its historical roots with a modern, eclectic style, expressed in original architectural forms and bright colors typical of the Vietri ceramic tradition. There are two refined rooms in which you can celebrate you wedding: the Norman room, with 180 sears, or the Pedrera room, with 90 seats and a terrace: both ideal for wedding receptions and events.

saveDiscover more about Tenuta dei Normanni
Tenuta dei Normanni


For the sweets: Are you looking out for the most delicious desserts, like cupcakes, muffins, and sweet pies? Then you should contact Crispo Confetti! They will enchant you with the most delicious sweets for sure. And the best thing about this caterer specializing in sweets: everything is created with so much attention to detail that all the pieces are also wonderful eye-catchers for your wedding album!

saveCrispo ConfettiMore about Crispo Confetti
Crispo Confetti

PanZero is an innovative new wedding supplier idea, which brings together the well-loved elements of Italian dining. With a mixture of 3 types of stone-ground organic flour and the absence of yeast, their bread is highly sought after by newly engaged couples!

savePanZeroFind out more about PanZero
savePanZeroFind out more about PanZero

Another great choice for your wedding day is Mencarelli Group Roma Catering & Banqueting, a caterer based in Rome with a special taste in exclusive events that go beyond everyday life and always aim to be more than extraordinary. They love to create a special experience for you and they know exactly how to do it. Founded in 1968, the company gained a lot of experience in the wedding industry throughout the years and love to explore the world of good food, attention to detail, and quality entertainment.

saveMencarelli Group Roma Catering & BanquetingFind out more about Mencarelli Group Roma Catering & Banqueting
Mencarelli Group Roma Catering & Banqueting

Speaking more generally to the catering of your wedding day, we can recommend RM Glamour Ricevimenti. They provide all things catering. From simple refreshments to cocktails, buffets – the lot! And what they provide can only be described as pure glamour and refinement. They exercise extremely precise attention to detail for all of their dishes, drinks, etc. as they understand that although it may not be their only wedding of the year, it will be yours!

saveRM Glamour RicevimentiGet a quote
RM Glamour Ricevimenti


Lucrezia Senserini is a simply fantastic photographer from Italy. Her photography style is described as intimate, delicate, spontaneous and emotional and above all adjusted to your wishes and needs. On your wedding day, she will be constantly present, but you will not notice her at any moment. She is there to capture every moment of joy, teardrops and other details during your grand day. She loves to photograph weddings in Tuscany and throughout Italy.

Credits: Lucrezia Senserini


Now, getting to your venue may not be something high up on your list of priorities, but if you want to arrive in style to match your already picked out stylish gown, location and details, you may want to find out more about A spasso con Camilla. This team offer wedding transport in the area of Florence, which includes some seriously beautiful vintage cars!

saveA spasso con CamillaGet a quote
A spasso con Camilla


If you are looking for an expert wedding DJ, you need Andrea Paci. With over 20 years of DJing experience, including the Viareggio Carnival and clubs all over the world, Andrea will have your guests dancing until they drop!

saveAndrea PaciFind out more about Andrea Paci
Andrea Paci

Between 2002 and 2005, Andrea played in various clubs in Versilia, until he became resident DJ of Canniccia ClubThis club residency opened many doors that allowed Andrea to refine his technique and expand his musical knowledge. After various experiences around the world, he became resident DJ of Bussola di Focette and Capannina di Forte dei Marmi. 

saveAndrea PaciFind out more about Andrea Paci
Andrea Paci

Recently, Andrea has worked with the likes of Vasco Rossi, Jennifer Lopez and Belen Rodriguezand with various national and international wedding planners. Andrea has the advantage of speaking perfect English, so you do not need to worry about a language barrier causing any problems. Contact Andrea Paci today to discuss all your wedding music needs!

saveAndrea PaciFind out more about Andrea Paci
Andrea Paci and Jennifer Lopez

As you may know by now, there are so many aspects to your wedding day. It really is a big job to organise a spectacular day, which is why we try our best to make it easy for you. Our next recommendation is an easy one. For your wedding you only want to best music, right? That is why we recommend Davide Friello Music For Handpan. Trained at the Educational Music Academy in Milan, he understands music and knows exactly how to capture the mood of your celebration and will create ad-hoc personalized compositions for your day!

saveDavide Friello Music For HandpanGet a quote
Davide Friello Music For Handpan

Class, Elegance, Rhythm, Energy – these are the five words that represent Chicky Mo Swing Band. Antonio and his band are the perfect solution for wedding couples that look for luxury, high-end musical entertainment at their wedding. They are specialized in these types of events and know what the public wants to hear. It will not come as a surprise when you hear that their music style is jazz. Together, with their sound, act, and outfit they will blow you and your guests away on your wedding day.

Another good choice for music on your wedding day is Gruppo Arechi. Their wedding experts promote and organize events, shows, festivals, exhibitions and more and are just in love with their wedding couples. They know exactly which music style fits your celebration and will awe you with interchangeable musical formations that will make your heart melt! 

saveGruppo Arechi EntertainmentGruppo Arechi Entertainment
Gruppo Arechi Entertainment

These were just a few recommendations for your wedding in Italy. What are you waiting for? Get in contact with these professionals to design the wedding you have always dreamed of!

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