Etsy Wedding Wednesday 10.6.10

Getting married is about saying ‘I love you‘ and letting the whole world know about it. This week’s Etsy Wedding Wednesday features art that isn’t shy about its feelings.  Give one of these prints to your fiancé and put the writing on the wall of your home.

Say it with sign language with this print from TwoSarahs

I Love You sign language print from Etsy seller TwoSarahs
I Love You sign language print from Etsy seller TwoSarahs, $16.

…or spell it out with this photo from eyeshoot.

You can type your feelings with this photo from alifethroughthelens

…or light up the night sky with this print from bomobob.

There are prints for those of us who are a little awkward, but no less in love, like this one from FerntreeStudio

…or this one by thebigharumph.

Hello. Also, I love you. 8x10 Medium Grey Linocut Print by Etsy seller thebigharumph
Hello. Also, I love you. 8×10 Medium Grey Linocut Print by Etsy seller thebigharumph, $20.

Say it in a foreign language with these prints from theloveshop

'te amo' and 'je t'aime' prints from Etsy seller theloveshop
‘te amo’ and ‘je t’aime’ prints from Etsy seller theloveshop, $20 each or two for $32.

…and Etsy seller Gingiber hopes you’ll hear it right back.

Ditto On The Love 5x7 Prints by Etsy seller Gingiber
Ditto On The Love 5×7 Prints by Etsy seller Gingiber, $20.

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