Entertaining your younger wedding guests

Are you in the middle of planning your wedding and looking at ways to entertain your younger guests? Whether you’re anti or pro children at weddings, traditionally weddings tend to be a more adult affair. Many hours sat at the table during the reception, formal welcome cocktails and even your DJ/band may not be what your children have in mind when they think of a party and this can sometimes make it a bit of a nightmare for their parents. To avoid these troublesome scenarios, we’ve come up with a few ideas to keep them busy and let you enjoy your special day.

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As adults, we’re easily entertained with a cocktail or two, some delicious food and polite conversation across a formal table setting, before hitting the dance floor, but think back to when you were little and your parents took you along to formal events. They weren’t much fun! Children want to run around, play with other children and make a mess. If you tell them you’re going to a party, they are going to expect entertainment, fun and probably some candy!

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Let’s start with the basics and some low cost DIY ideas

A dedicated children’s table is always a great idea. They can have their own menu (pizza, burgers, hot-dogs, milkshakes etc), and a goody bag on each chair is a good way to keep them busy. A notepad with some coloring pencils and bubbles always goes down a treat! Candy, balloons or a disposable camera allowing them to take snapshots of the wedding will keep them occupied for hours. I had these for the children at my wedding, and it’s so lovely to look back through photographs taken from a child’s perspective.

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An easy solution is a children’s entertainer. They’ll come armed with an array of fun and games allowing the grownups to enjoy the wedding and not have to worry about any mischief! If your venue has outdoor space, then a bouncy castle or garden games are a great idea for kids and adults! Croquet, giant chess or even an organised game of football or baseball will keep everyone happy.

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Why not give them individual roles to get them involved and make them feel important? Depending on how many children you have attending, 2 of them could be responsible for passing around the guest book, another 2 could help with handing out favors, and others could be given a list of things to photograph with their disposable cameras making them feel like professional photographers for the day. List easy things such as the bride’s bouquet, the wedding cake, the wedding car, their parents, the bridesmaids etc.

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If you are having children at your wedding, it’s definitely worth investing your time, effort and sometimes a little money to keep them entertained allowing their parents and more importantly you, as the couple to be stress free and to enjoy your day without worrying about the little ones.

Who said parties were just for kids!

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