Drip Cake: The Wedding Cake that is Taking Over 2017!

If you still don't know about Drip Cakes, then what are you waiting for? Culinary marvel and visual delights, drip cakes are surging forward in the wedding cake industry so make sure to have one at your wedding!

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If you still haven’t heard of drip cakes, get ready to fall in love immediately! The premise is this: flat-topped cakes with a dripping syrup effect that can be done in many different colors and flavors, creating a casual but artistic look! Discover the many ways to use this technique and find the wedding cake of your dreams!

saveNouba. Foto: divulgação
saveMarguerite Cakes. Foto: divulgação
Marguerite Cakes


Brides who are in love with the famous naked cakes can use these toppings to their hearts’ content to leave their cakes with an even more delicious appearance! In this case, caramel flavor toppings are the most common, as they harmonize perfectly with these wonderful cakes!

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saveBlackbird Cakery. Foto: Sarah Ryland
Blackbird Cakery. Photo: Sarah Ryland
saveOs Bolos da Betah. Foto: divulgaçãoLearn more about “Os Bolos da Betah”
Os Bolos da Betah
saveFoto: Kate Drennan
Photo: Kate Drennan
saveLearn more about “Betah Nahuz - Os bolos da Betah”
Betah Nahuz – Os bolos da Betah


More classic weddings can feature these on their sweet tables, but in a sophisticated way! The confectioner prepares the cake with the desired height and shape, covers it with sugar paste or frosting and finishes the cake with candy toppings in delicate colors or even metallic shades like silver or gold! The elements used for decoration end up being highlighted even more on this type of cake!

saveThe Cocoa Cakery. Foto: divulgação
The Cocoa Cakery
save Marguerite Cakes. Foto: divulgação
Marguerite Cakes
saveFoto: Katie Pritchard
Photo: Katie Pritchard
saveHappywedd. Foto: divulgação


Couples who are passionate about chocolate will be delighted to see chocolate drip cakes! Death by chocolate in only the greatest way.

saveFoto: Luke Going
Photo: Luke Going
saveMislene Cabral. Foto: divulgaçãoLearn more about “Mislene Cabral | Cake Designer”
Mislene Cabral | Cake Designer.
saveCakes by Cliff. Foto: divulgação
Cakes by Cliff.
saveCandy Company. Foto: divulgação
Candy Company.

Mega Original

What if the drips were done upside down? Yes, this is very much a possibility because it has a texture that stays firm after being applied! Confectioners have taken advantage of this trend by using it over other techniques. The decorations surprise people for their creativity, and appear like sculptures of chocolate, macarons, flowers and even popcorn – amazing!

saveCakes by Cliff. Foto: divulgação
Cakes by Cliff.
saveMarguerite Cakes. Foto: divulgação
Marguerite Cakes
saveCakes by Cliff. Foto: divulgação
Cakes by Cliff
saveHim & Her Events. Foto: Tennille Fink Photography
Him & Her Events. Photo: Tennille Fink Photography

Double Coverage

Not only double, but triple, quadruple … White cakes can take toppings in the same colors that will be used in your decoration, creating a beautiful harmony in the middle of the venue! There is still the option of metallic coverings, which create an elegant and sophisticated look!

saveMarguerite Cakes. Foto: divulgação
Marguerite Cakes.
saveCakes by Cliff. Foto: divulgação
Cakes by Cliff.
saveMarguerite Cakes. Foto: divulgação
Marguerite Cakes.


If you have already chosen your cake, but would like to take advantage of all the charm of this technique, further increase the decoration of your sweet table with super original mini cakes! These little cakes can follow the same decorations used for the main wedding cake or come out colorful, creating a festive and impressive effect!

saveThe Cocoa Cakery. Foto: divulgação
The Cocoa Cakery.
saveFrostbite Bakery. Foto: divulgação
Frostbite Bakery.
saveSugarHero. Foto: divulgação

Have you just fallen in love? Beyond beautiful and creative, these drip cakes are a novelty still coming forward in the wedding cake world, so make the most of the novelty of  this trend! And for an even more unique look, use this technique on the amazing Hand Painted Wedding Cake!

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