Dreaming of a Roman Holiday Wedding? Make it come true with Nuvole Rosa

“A professional wedding planner should have three essential points: knowledge of the wedding industry, event organizational skills, and not the least, interpersonal skill,” says Francesca Comito, owner of Nuvole Rosa (Pink Cloud) – an Italian events planning agency that does everything from weddings, corporate and fashion events, to training for domestic as well as foreign clients. So if you´ve been dreaming of a Roman Holiday or a Tusacan Gastronomy Tour wedding, this is the agency for you.
Nuvole RosaLearn more about “Nuvole Rosa”
Nuvole Rosa

They  company is rigorous about their team and require the same high level of professionalism from all their employees. Their goal is to create “an event that becomes more than an event: it becomes a story and remains cherished in the memory.”And this is especially true of couples who may becoming from a far – this is a moment that they won´t be likely to repeat again, and therefore has to be all the more special. It´s hard enough to organize a wedding, let alone one in another country.  That is why Nuvole Rosa is the perfect planning agency that will accompany them on this special journey.

Nuvole Rosa will help you design a wedding with responsiveness, creativity and reliability.  You can relax and enjoy your big day with your guests, assured that everything is well taken care of, from the smallest details to the biggest moments.

Nuvole RosaLearn more about “Nuvole Rosa”
Nuvole Rosa

Planning a wedding in a foreign country takes lots of energy. Nuvole Rosa can take that stress away and are equipped to manage the event based on the needs expressed by the customer: “we can handle the design, definition and coordination of the event, do location scouting, study and project implementation, budget management, customization, and more! And all with a flexibility that ensures the quality of the entire organizational process.”

Nuvole RosaLearn more about “Nuvole Rosa”
Nuvole Rosa

The team at Nuvole Rosa´s wish is to help you make your dreams come true. If you´ve always wanted to celebrate your big day in Italy, but worried about the logistics, worry no longer. Trust us with your wedding planning and soon, you´ll be saying “si, mio amore!”

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