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Years from now, when you are reminiscing through your wedding album, your hope is to relive one of the happiest days of your life through the photos that were taken on your special day. Photos have a way of capturing feelings and emotions that are then depicted through images. This is why photography is such a vital component of a wedding day. We would even go as far as to say that a wedding would be incomplete without photos. Think about it, have you ever attended a wedding where there was no photographer present? It is very unlikely! While every couple undoubtedly has photos from their wedding day, what about post wedding?

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Photo Credit: Travelshoot / Destination: Paris, France

Apart from planning their dream wedding, couples also put forth much thought and effort into planning their honeymoon. After all, it is the first trip a couple will take as husband and wife. Even more so, a honeymoon may also be the first time a couple travels abroad. With such a momentous trip to look forward to, what do you use to record this significant event in your newlywed life? Selfies on a smart phone? Do you really want to visually remember the captivating blue waters of Santorini, Greece or spiritually recharging atmosphere of Bali, Indonesia with a picture on your smart phone or digital camera? Or, you may have considered the idea of hiring a photographer from the location you will be traveling to. But let’s be honest, you have enough on your plate while planning your wedding, and if you are traveling to a foreign country, the hiring process will likely be very difficult. Especially if you don’t speak the native language.

savePhoto Credit: Travelshoot / Destination: Bali, Indonesia
Photo Credit: Travelshoot / Destination: Bali, Indonesia

Thankfully, Sarah Jones, original founder of Travelshoot, found a solution to this problem a few years back when she and her significant other traveled to New York. A friend of Sarah’s, living in New York at the time, offered to take photos of the couple during their stay, as he was an amateur photographer working on his portfolio. The entire experience was nothing short of amazing, and sparked an idea in Sarah to connect professional photographers from around the world, with couples who are either honeymooning or vacationing abroad. Thus, Travelshoot was born.

savePhoto Credit: Travelshoot / Travelshoot Team
Photo Credit: Travelshoot / Travelshoot Team

After appearing on My Shark Tank Australia and winning Australia’s New Business Concept in 2015, Sarah quit her day job, went into business with her brother, Tim and the sibling duo set to establish a team committed to creating a unique, smooth, and memorable experience for their clients. The concept of Travelshoot is quite simple. The company connects its clients with professional photographers located all across the globe. Due to the highly selective hiring process, you are guaranteed a fun and friendly photo shoot experience with beautiful photos to show for it. No matter the location, whether it be Pisa, Italy or Tokyo, Japan, allow Travelshoot to handle all the details.

savePhoto Credit: Travelshoot / Destination: Venice, Italy
Photo Credit: Travelshoot / Destination: Venice, Italy

“We had such a fun time during our Byron Bay Travelshoot! Our photographer was great at making two awkward people in front of a camera feel very at ease (and we think the results speak for themselves). Now, not only do we have a set of beautiful photos to remember our Byron Bay holiday together, we also have the memory of an amazing Travelshoot experience—icing on the cake.”

-Laura, Travelshoot Client

savePhoto Credit: Travelshoot / Destination: London, England
Photo Credit: Travelshoot / Destination: London, England

Partnered with Flight Centre Travel Group, Australia’s largest travel network, Travelshoot understands that couples are looking to document their first adventure as newlyweds. With a network of skilled professional photographers, it’s comforting to know that apart from your wedding album, you will also have a collection of stunning photos from your honeymoon. Currently, Travelshoot has a presence in more than 40 countries and a list of 75 destinations that is rapidly growing. With three different packages to choose from, ranging in the duration of the shoot, locations, and number of images provided, the options are endless!

savePhoto Credit: Travelshoot / Destination: Queenstown, New Zealand
Photo Credit: Travelshoot / Destination: Queenstown, New Zealand

“I heard about Travelshoot through a friend and surprised my wife with a shoot as we recently eloped and have no images of us together which either of us really like. The Travelshoot photographer genuinely listened to what we both wanted in terms of the style of photos and the whole experience was something neither of us will ever forget. The images we received back make me smile every time I look at them and capture the day and fun we had perfectly.”

-Scott, Travelshoot Client

savePhotocredit: Travelshoot / Destination: Paris, FranceLearn more about “Photocredit: Travelshoot / Destination: Paris, France”
Photocredit: Travelshoot / Destination: Paris, France

We believe Travelshoot is the future of travel photography and now that the void of professional honeymoon photos has been filled, couples are falling in love with the Travelshoot experience. If you are a bride-to-be, and currently planning your destination getaway, then be sure to incorporate Travelshoot into your honeymoon plans!

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