Detecting Breast Cancer: Pay Attention to These 12 Symptoms

Today, the 19th of October, is recognised worldwide as Breast Cancer Awareness Day – the standout moment of the month that every year is dedicated to the fight against this illness. And here at Zankyou, we knew it was our duty to not just acknowledge this month, but to keep all of our readers informed and alert.

Photo: 19th October, Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

A fight we’re starting to win

Breast cancer occurs most frequently amongst women, although it is possible for men to develop it too. Every year in the US, over 320,000 people are diagnosed with the illness – an unbelievable statistic. However, although breast cancer diagnoses are slowly rising, its mortality rate is thankfully falling much faster. And this isn’t just a stroke of luck – it’s because we’re funding research for prevention and treatment properly, and if we all help out, we can make the number of deaths fall even more quickly.

“It is so important that we pay attention to every and any sign that could be indicating to us that something is wrong. In the fight against cancer, detection in the first stages of the illness are absolutely crucial,” says the health magazine S Moda.

How to detect the symptoms

If you think there is a possibility that you have breast cancer, it is vital that you go to a medical specialist as soon as possible, to determine through the use of tests if you are suffering from the illness, and if unfortunately so, to figure out the stage and concurrent treatment options. However, at Zankyou – with the help of charity organisation KnowYourLemons – we here show you the 12 symptoms that you should bear in mind and check for every day, to make sure you’re in peak health. If you are suffering from any one of these symptoms, then don’t delay: go to your doctor straight away.

Credits: KnowYourLemons

Collaborations and partnerships

To help contribute your small part to the investigation of this illness, then the best place to go is the American Breast Cancer Foundation. During the entire month of October – and the rest of the year too – the association is hosting a variety of activites around the country, including fun-runs, awareness parties, and collections too. Encouraging everyone to wear the colour pink is also a fantastic way of spreading the message around, and there are suggestions and ideas for hundreds of other things you could do to help at their website. Every penny goes to cancer research – so what are you waiting for? Get on board today!

Credits: Be Clear On Cancer

There are so many breast cancer charities out there beyond the ABCF, so make sure you get in touch with your closest organisation today, and you can help make an extraordinary difference for women and men all around the US. It all starts at home!

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