Destination Wedding in Tuscany: 4 Reasons to Choose FH Hotel Villa Fiesole

There are so many reasons to jet off abroad and marry in Italy: amazing food, great weather, romance, beaches, rolling hills, historical cities… In fact, you can get all this and more right within the region of Tuscany.

Its capital, Florence, is home to some of the world’s most notable Renaissance art and architecture, and it is surrounded by a diverse natural landscape that encompasses the Apennine Mountains, Elba’s beaches on the Tyrrhenian Sea and and the vineyards and olive groves of Chianti.

However, choosing to get married in Tuscany is one thing, but choosing your venue within the region is another, which can be difficult if you have never been before! That’s why we recommend FH Hotel Villa Fiesole, because it embodies all the wonders of the region in a luxury 4 star villa with stunning views, flawless professional services and amazing food.

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Photo: FH Hotel Villa Fiesole

Here are 4 more reasons why FH Hotel Villa Fiesole should be your destination wedding venue in Italy.

1. Romance

Imagine the most romantic wedding with breathtaking views overlooking the lovely city of Florence and its beautiful panoramas. You’ll be getting married in an historical 4 star villa that has 32 guest rooms and luxury surroundings. There’s nowhere more romantic than the hills of Florence, you get the wow factor of seeing the city skyline but the serenity and beauty of being further away in an exclusive villa hotel.

It’s no wonder that Tuscany was confirmed as the most desired destination for wedding tourism in 2017, where a massive 24.4% of the destination weddings in Italy are held. It’s an incomparable pocket of the world where the sun sets over lush greenery and a Rennaisance cityscape – so it’s ideal for an uber-romantic and unique destination wedding experience.

Lucy and Jon, a lovely English couple who chose FH Hotel Villa Fiesole, thought it the perfect way to  achieve their romantic wedding dreams.
“I have a passion,” Lucy said, “for EM Forster’s ‘A Room with a View’, the heroine meets her future husband under Lanzi’s Loggia and kisses him for the first time in the beautiful hills of Fiesole. It was SO romantic to carry out our marriage in the same places where the book is set. With FH Hotel Villa Fiesole it was love at first sight: the terrace of the villa is wonderful, which allows you to enjoy a fantastic view of Florence. Our marriage was like a fairy tale! “

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Photo: FH Hotel Villa Fiesole

2. Location

As we’ve said, FH Hotel Villa Fiesole boasts the perfect location for your wedding. Imagine a wonderful panoramic terrace with a view of the whole city, with Florence cathedral standing out beautifully among the skyline – this could be the backdrop to your special celebration.

Cristina Gori, general manager of FH Hotel Villa Fiesole, says: “Many foreigners choose to get married in Fiesole, since it is a small town nestled in a romantic setting; it is practically in the countryside and enjoys beautiful views of Florence, from where it is only 15 minutes. “

“Also in Fiesole” – Cristina continues – “there are many churches with parish priests open to celebrate foreigners’ marriages, or there is the possibility of organising the civil ceremony in the Roman amphitheater. FH Hotel Villa Fiesole, offers an intimate and refined atmosphere, with a lovely terrace where newlyweds can celebrate the symbolic ritual, take photos and organise the reception. “

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Photo: FH Hotel Villa Fiesole

3. Cuisine

Imagine an authentic Italian culinary experience for you an your guests. This catering team source local, fresh products and can personalise wedding menus for your big day.

Cristina Gori continues: “For us, the reception is to make the guest feel at home, each marriage is different, so our predisposition to human relations is fundamental to understand the needs and customise the event with custom food and wine proposals; and we always do it with a smile.”

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Photo: FH Hotel Villa Fiesole

4. Impeccable service

At FH Hotel Villa Fiesole, you will be welcomed in the ‘Italian way’ – being pampered and spoiled by the professional and friendly members of staff.

Your guests will be taken care of too – which means you can be surrounded by your close family and friends on the most important day of your life, while they are being looked after with luxury treatment and accommodation too!

More importantly, planning your wedding at FH Hotel Villa Fiesole is easier than you would think. “It’s never easy to plan a wedding abroad,” says Lucy, “and the FH Hotel Villa Fiesole team has made everything much simpler, going beyond expectations.”

“From the beginning we felt pampered and welcomed as kings and Daniele, who coordinated our marriage, dispelled all our doubts by answering innumerable emails and making herself available to plan services such as transport, photographer and flower arrangements. Sergio delighted us with fantastic culinary options, which many guests still remember. FH Hotel Villa Fiesole will always have a special place in our hearts.”

Hotel Villa FiesoleBook your stay
Photo: FH Hotel Villa Fiesole
Hotel Villa FiesoleBook your stay
Photo: FH Hotel Villa Fiesole

So, if you’re looking to get married in Italy, and in particular, in Tuscany, then the small town of Fiesole and the romantic venue of FH Hotel Villa Fiesole is most definitely for you. It welcomes destination wedding couples with open arms, and takes pride in being one of the romantic and popular destination wedding locations in the country. Click here to book your wedding today!

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