Destination Italy 2019: Decoration Trends and Tips from Wedding Planners

Destination Italy 2019: Decoration Trends and Tips from Wedding Planners

If Italy is going to be the incredible destination for your 2019 wedding, then read on for this year's hottest trends. We've got you covered with advice and recommendations from Italy's best wedding planners.

Destination Italy 2019: Decoration Trends and Tips from Wedding Planners
Photo: Giulia Alessandri
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As the new year is upon us, brides-to-be all over the country (and world) will be gearing up towards the frantic planning of their 2019 wedding. The new year will bring new trends, new industry leaders, and exciting new destinations. One thing that won’t change, however, is the number of romantic couples choosing to have their destination wedding in beautiful Italy. This European country known worldwide as a place of love, romance, art, culture and incredibly delicious cuisine.

So, if Italy is going to be the incredible destination for your 2019 wedding, then read on for this year’s hottest trends. Whether you’re tying the knot in the Tuscan hills, on the Sicilian coast, the glistening lakes, or in one of the renaissance cities like Rome or Florence, we’ve got you covered with advice and recommendations from Italy’s best wedding planners.

1. Flowers… everywhere

It goes without saying that a wedding should have flowers. But wedding planners and brides alike can’t be getting enough of them at the moment. The more flowers you have, the more spectacular your wedding decoration. So don’t just have a few in vases, have them on every seat in your wedding ceremony, have them dangling from the ceiling, have them on every place setting for your guests to take home as a memory.

Sorting out the florist situation when planning a destination wedding can be hard, because you might not know the area well and have little idea as to which florists are best. This is why you should seek the help of an Italian wedding planner with a creative eye and a good network of wedding services and quality vendors that are local to your venue.

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Above and Beyond started long ago. They are fully-versed in the various elements of planning a wedding. They love nothing more than letting your artistic imagination run wild… and this involves flowers, flowers, flowers.

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Photo: Above & Beyond
saveAbove & BeyondFind out more
Photo: Above & Beyond

Marianna Micheli is a top events planner in Italy who can turn your wedding into a work of art by incorporating fresh flowers and innovative design into your decor. Whatever your color scheme or theme, she can turn your vision into a spectacular reality.

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Marianna Micheli

2. All white everything

Due to the exotic/tropical nature of destination weddings in beautiful places, having an all-white dress code and color scheme is a real trend for 2019. Having all your guests wearing white adds a casual touch to a coastal wedding, while looking really effective and elegant. This theme trades tradition (in which the bride is usually the only one wearing white) for a more unique and fun way to get your guests involved in your wedding style.

This theme is one that looks great on the gorgeous island of Sicily, where the wedding planning team of My Sicily Wedding can help you achieve a really special day. All of their events are flawlessly planned with utmost style. Picture trendy white furniture, flowers and aisle awaiting you and your guests, stylishly dressed in white, overlooking glorious views of the Mediterranean Sea.

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My Sicily Wedding

But don’t just limit yourself to this decor, you can really go to town with this theme by offering your guests one of the leading wedding traditions – Crispo Confetti. It is a great way to reinforce the white theme on a catering level to match the decor. With professionalism and quality production, Confetti Crispo company has been able to affirm itself in Italy and intentionally as a leading producer in various sectors of candies and sweets. They certainly add a fun element to your wedding catering!

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Crispo Confetti
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My Sicily Wedding

At VB Events, they also believe that a color scheme is an expression of artistic talent. Thanks to the passion for art and travel from Valentina Boyer, as well as the business expertise from her partner Elena, they organize weddings and events that react to the time in which they are set. Whatever the color scheme, these professionals have you covered!

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Photo: VB Events

3. Dark wood furniture

In contrast to the white theme, the incorporation of dark wood tables and chairs for a rustic-chic style is also on the list of hot trends for 2019. They look particularly effective with elegantly dressed imperial tables (long and thin rather than round), especially when the reception is in the great outdoors with natural elements.

Wedding planner Guilia Allessandri understands this trend down to a T. She has all the creativity and experience to really make your Italian destination wedding a sight to behold, particularly if you’re choosing a rustic-chic country or farm house venue in the lush Tuscan hills. Deep mahogany or oak wood furniture really contrasts the light freshness of the flowers, as you can see below with her gorgeous past events.

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Giulia Alessandri

4. Candlesticks

Tealights and small candles have long been a prominent feature on wedding tables, but now the dramatic, tall and elegant candlesticks are making a comeback… the bigger the better. If they’re handcrafted wooden candlesticks they add to the authenticity of your rustic decor, and if they’re sleek black or golden candlesticks they contribute to the elegance of your wedding set up. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Bespoke Unique Weddings and Events know exactly how to turn your Italian wedding into the beautiful spectacle that you’ve always dreamed of. This wedding planning company based in and around Lake Como do not shy away from adding drama and creativity to your wedding set up. Their use of ornate candlesticks as a unique focal point is one of our favourite techniques! Just imagine an al fresco reception, like those pictured below, next to one of Europe’s most beautiful lakes.

saveBespoke Unique Weddings and EventsFind out more
Bespoke Unique Weddings and Events
saveBespoke Unique Weddings and EventsFind out more
Bespoke Unique Weddings and Events

5. Waterfall Lighting

At EWE – Emotions Weddings& Events, Irina Aleksandrova creates emotions and emotions create events. They plan weddings with the idea that every single detail is important. Their previous events have featured some of the most inspiring details, for example the waterfall lighting effect, which works beautiful to highlight the most important parts of the day!

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Photo: EWE

At Venice Events they also organize events that highlight the best of the couples’ day. They coordinate civil, religious and symbolic ceremonies in stunning venues, castles and palaces, for your intimate or grand affair! For them the love of the couple is always enough to light up the room!

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Photo: Venice Events

So, we hope to have inspired you for your 2019 destination wedding. Italy is as beautiful as you think, but these top trends for decoration will make your event even more spectacular.

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