Davide Friello Music For Handpan: The Musician Who Cannot Miss Your Wedding

Discover the emotional music of Handpan with Davide Friello! Choose the perfect music for your wedding.

Davide Friello Music For Handpan: The Musician Who Cannot Miss Your Wedding
Davide Friello Music For Handpan
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Music moves both us and our surroundings. But also, what we have hidden inside, in the depths of the human soul. Musical notes seem to flow from instruments into our bodies. Then, we project them as emotions that become memories over time. This phenomenon will happen the most on your wedding day. Therefore, you will need an innovative, captivating, modern and traditional musical accompaniment with a distinctive sound. Davide Friello Music for Handpan is the musician who cannot miss your wedding. Here is why:

Much More Than Just A Musician: Who Is Davide Friello?

Everyone should have the opportunity to learn and play an instrument. Many do have that privilege. But turning it into art, forming imagery and crafting journeys… Well, only an artist can do that. International Handpan musician, percussionist, performer, and traveller Davide Friello is full of life. He is a trustworthy musician to hire to further enhance your wedding day. Davide is well known all over the world, having performed on some of the biggest stages. He is successful thanks to his visceral, energetic, individual approach to music that flourishes during live performances. Perfect, for example, for your wedding…

For those who do not know, Handpan is a relatively recent musical instrument. Born in Bern, it has conquered the world in just a few years! It is based on percussion, consisting of a metal alloy and a sheet of metal enriched with nitrogen. On the surface there are 8 or 9 cavities which, when touched, produce different sounds. Handpan literally means “hand played instrument”. Davide Friello creates unique music by dancing his hands across the surface of the instrument, creating music that goes straight to the heart. This music is exactly what you want for you wedding.

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Davide Friello Music For Handpan

Davide Friello generates the perfect, peaceful ambience amongst guests. His music is delicate yet visceral, rhythmic, and relaxing. It is a style of music that rejuvenates, that intrigues, that astounds. Handpan is a whole new way of entertaining guests, a real ecstasy for all 5 senses.

Find out more about Handpan by contacting Davide Friello and choose the most captivating music for your big day! Feel the music move from heart to hands, from ears to soul, from sound to memory, and relive the most unforgettable moments of your wedding day through music!

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