Christmas Engagement: 3 Tips for Popping the Question Around the Holidays

Thinking of getting engaged this Christmas? Contemplating popping the question and hoping to celebrate a Christmas engagement? Don’t know how to do it? Here are some ideas for those of you contemplating taking the first step towards marriage on December 25th.

Image: Susana Ríos

1. First things first: the symbol of your love

Tradition dictates that it should be a ring, but as you know with the principles of flexibility and freedom that lie behind Zankyou gift registries, we’re no sticklers for tradition. So, if you prefer to symbolize your commitment with something else (another piece of jewelry, the key to your shared car or simply with a special kiss, it’s up to you!).

If you do go for a ring, nobody says it has to be a diamond – after Prince William proposed to Princess Kate with his mother’s sapphire ring, we’ve seen it become an engagement ring trend.

If you’re interested in fair trade engagement rings, you should check out companies like Brilliant Earth or you can use a ring handed down through your family (ask your mom or grandmother).

Image: Sanshine Photography

2. Now the hard part: when do you pop the question?

  • After exchanging gifts on Christmas day
  • In front of the whole family after Christmas lunch (for our exhibitioners)
  • While taking a stroll after Christmas dinner
  • (If you’re a planner) organize a Christmas gift treasure hunt with the last gift being the engagement ring
  • While choosing the perfect Christmas tree
Image: via Pixabay

3. And remember our top Zankyou relaxation tips:

  • Rehearse what you’re going to say! Winging it is fine, but it shows some finesse if you’ve prepared a speech
  • Take a deep breath
  • And just remember, popping the question is an important but nevertheless small part of your married life together

Good luck! And happy holidays!

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