Choosing The Perfect Venue For Your Ceremony And Reception in Italy ? Here's All You Need To Know

One of the first things you will have to decide on, once you have an idea of a date, is where you would like to host your guests and celebrate your wedding and reception.

Choosing The Perfect Venue For Your Ceremony And Reception in Italy ? Here's All You Need To Know
Photo: Masseria Grieco
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“It just has to be special” might be your only criteria, or perhaps you have a long list of facilities you require to ensure your day lives up to your expectations, but either way it must be one of the first things you decide on before the organization gets into full swing!

Your search can go down many roads, depending on the ideas that you have for your big day. Outdoor ceremonies in defiance of our wonderful weather can be a beautiful experience, while taking over a trendy city center hotel can be the basis for the sophisticated day of your dreams.

If you’re looking to get married under the sun, however, you may want to think about a destination wedding. There are a number of popular countries for weddings abroad, but Italy is one of the most sought after. They have the cuisine, the culture, the sun, what more could you want?

A gorgeous hotel that has all the amenities needed for a special day/weekend is Villa Andrea di Isernia. Nestled among the lava rocks and the clear blue sky of the Mediterranean, Villa Andrea di Isernia is an ideal location to host your wedding reception. Stretching towards the open sea of the Gulf of Naples, it enjoys a favorable position, to which is added a splendid swimming pool that will lend itself perfectly to welcome aperitifs and to cut the cake.

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Photo: Villa Andrea di Isernia

Alternatively, Italy has a multitud of luxury outdoor locations such as Villa di Piandaccoli, also known as “Villa Fucini”. It dates back to XVI century, and is surrounded by secular trees and a cozy and sophisticated Italian garden. The villa offers a relaxing and romantic stay in the green Tuscan countryside that can become the perfect setting for your ceremony, and inside the park you will also find a small private chapel where you can say your I dos!

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Photo: Villa di Piandaccoli

If you’re getting married in a religious ceremony, the venue for the service is clear. Whether you get married in your local place of worship or a beautiful church that you’ve spotted in your area, looking at reception venues close by is one way of limiting your choices.

Or, you can get hitched abroad in a religious ceremony! The splendid Villa Trebazia, located in the Appia Antica archaeological area in Rome, just a few meters from the historic Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella, is the ideal setting to host a gorgeous wedding. Easily reachable from the city center and from the main Churches of the Urbe, the Villa is perfect to easily host weddings, thanks to the air-conditioned Green House that overlooks the large park.

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Photo: Villa Trebazia

On the other hand, if wedding and reception take place in the same location, the sky’s your limit. One of our favorite open spaces for a beautiful wedding is the Masseria Grieco. Founded in the years between the 16th century and the 18th century in Puglia the masserie usually presents itself as an agricultural structure, and the personalized service and the gastronomic choices of the Masseria are adapted to each couple.

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Photo: Masseria Grieco

Whatever your situation, don’t forget your choice needs to live up to several needs:

  • your needs – a range of spaces for ceremony, dinner and night party, a place to change, somewhere to rest, professional staff who will solve any problems discreetly.
  • your guests’ needs – children need places to play, older people need room to sit and talk, your friends need a dance floor!

There are many more issues that you need to take on board, including the weather, decoration, flexibility, extra costs, the venue’s commitments with any local suppliers (including DJs and photographers), etc.

Another amazing option for your wedding venue is BajaThe staff there offer an unforgettable experience in a magical place on the river(!), where you will be pampered by food, wine, cocktails and music. Baja is the ideal location for weddings, as their team of event managers with international experience, will follow you step by step for the organization of your event!

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Photo: Baja

Finally, there is Villa Livia, where you can immerse yourself in a splendid period location in the heart of the Appia Antica Park. With a swimming pool, Italian style avenue and gardens, Romantic courtyard with Ancient Fountain, Elegant Portico open for all guests, this location has the external capacity for over 1000 people!

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Photo: Villa Livia

So what’s the best way to face up to this important decision? Get in the car, visit places, talk to staff, ask you friends for recommendations. But the most important advice of all – take a deep breath before you walk in. If you can imagine your big day taking place there, then you’ve found your venue.

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