Chloe + Jean: A Romantic Love Story Founded in the City of Love

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we can’t help but feel a bit more giddy than usual when we hear another real wedding story. Especially the ones that are completely unexpected!

The Love Story:

Discovering love in the city of Paris seems like a fairy tale, right? That fairy tale became a reality for Chloe and Jean as they met one day at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. Chloe was visiting Paris on her holiday break, and decided to make the obligatory visit to the famous museum during her vacation time. Jean, who worked in the museum as a tour guide, happened to be guiding the group that Chloe was a part of. The two met during the guide, yet both were distracted with their individual activities; Jean was entertaining the group and sharing the history of what the Louvre had to offer, and Chloe was captivated by the beautiful paintings held within the museum. It wasn’t until after the tour, when the group was led to the museum café for a coffee break, where Chloe and Jean had the opportunity to formally meet and get to know each other a little more. Although their time was short, it was in that amount of time where an interest was sparked and attraction arose. At the end of their conversation, Jean confidently asked Chloe to accompany him for dinner later that evening.

The couple met at a local Parisian café later that evening. The environment was very relaxed, with sweet melodies written by French composers, stringing in the background. Time stood still as the couple was captivated in each other’s company. With such a strong attraction and love that would grow day by day, it wasn’t long after that the couple decided to marry.

The Wedding Planning:

Chloe and Jean mutually agreed to have an intimate wedding. They knew it wasn’t the most traditional route, but their desire was to have a simple ceremony where they would exchange their vows in the presence of themselves. As the wedding wasn’t going to be an extravagant plan, Chloe was looking for someone who could orchestrate the idea she had in mind: a romantic day roaming the streets of Paris. Chloe then decided to hire Dorotheé from DLG Paris Wedding. While roaming the streets of Paris may sound like a simple way to spend your wedding day, Dorotheé knew that there was great meaning and romance in that. And so, she ensured that everything was planned so that Chloe and Jean could genuinely be consumed in each other’s company and in turn, she would take care of the details. With her extensive amount of knowledge and expertise in the wedding industry, Dorotheé is able to give her clients exactly what they want for their special day, whether they are French natives or couples traveling abroad looking to have a Parisian wedding. Dorotheé works with a network of professionals and is able to bring together an elegant wedding day of any style, in this romantic city.

Choosing The Dress:

Chloe considers herself to be a stylish, fashion forward girl. Just like many other brides, she has dreamed about her “perfect” wedding dress ever since she was a little girl. After visiting the various glamorous bridal boutiques that Paris has to offer, she stumbled upon this chic little bridal salon and there is where she found “the dress.” The modern yet elegant Mira Zwillinger dress accented her beautifully in every way possible.

The Ceremony:

Before seeing Jean for the first time the morning of their wedding ceremony, Chloe had a sweet letter delivered to him in which she expressed her love for him, and the dreams she had for their future together as husband and wife. The couple arranged to meet at the Louvre Museum for their first look, as it was the first place they originally met at. Upon first glance, the couple was overwhelmed with joy as they tightly embraced each other, following with a romantic kiss. After taking in the moment at the location their love story began, the couple made their way to the promenade near the Eiffel Tower where a short, but sweet ceremony took place. The couple read their heartfelt vows to each other and shared a slow first dance. It was a magical, unforgettable moment that will forever be sealed in their hearts. Because the elopement ceremony took place early in the morning, there was no tourist interference or distractions. Thus, allowing the couple to share their special moment intimately. It was utterly perfect. After roaming the streets of the city of love, the couple stopped for a quick coffee at their favorite café before heading off on a vintage Vespa decorated with a “Just Married” banner. The couple headed on over to their beautiful honeymoon suite which had the loveliest terrace and charming views. The day was exactly what the couple dreamed of and fulfilled every desire they wanted for their special day.

Some may think that a wedding needs to be a large, extravagant day of festivities. On the contrary, all you need on your wedding day is the person you love in an environment that makes you happy. How can you achieve this? Find yourself a wedding planner that will not only listen to your wishes, but carry them out exactly how you imagined them. Because Dorotheé from DLG Paris Wedding was able to fulfill the dreams of Chloe and Jean, they now have a day they will always remember that was spent in the city that brought them both together.


Wedding Planner: DLG Paris Wedding | Hair and Makeup: Makeup Paris | Wedding Dress: Mira Zwillinger | Shoes: Manolo Blahnik | Stationary and Calligraphy: Rachel Jacobson

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