Chiara Ferragni Travels To Ibiza For Her Luxurious Bachelorette Party

This Saturday, Chiara Ferragni will travel to Ibiza to celebrate her bachelorette party with her closest friends and her sister Valentina before getting married this summer!

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The most anticipated wedding of the year is fast approaching. Since Harry and Meghan tied the knot in May, everyone has been eagerly awaiting the marriage of the “royals” of social media: Chiara Ferragni and Fedez. As the date approaches, the first details are beginning to leak. First was Alessandra Grillo’s public announcement that she will be in charge of the organization of the wedding, and just a few hours later, Chiara announced that she would be spending her last days as a single woman in Ibiza, flying out on Saturday the 14th of July. She revealed the news herself via a message on her Instagram Story.

After finishing up work in Paris and Barcelona, Chiara is now taking some time to get ready for her wedding, hosting her bachelorette party in one of the most popular destinations for such an event. The famous influencer will be accompanied by a large group of 19 people, including her sister Valentina, and some close friends. Sources reveal that the group will be staying in a brand new resort overlooking the rocky island of Es Vedrà.

The Balearic Islands are home to some of the most dichotomous environments in the world; amongst the famous nightclubs, there are vintage markets, and romantic sunsets, and the group will have a lot of opportunities to snap shots for their social media accounts. We can’t wait to see the photos that Chiara posts of her time away – we can’t imagine she won’t keep us updated!

Waiting for her in Milan are her boys: her son Leo, and her fiancé Fedez. It will be Fedez’s job to take care of their little boy this weekend whilst Chiara enjoys her last days of being single. Given just how active the two are online, we imagine they’ll be communicating daily via videochats, calls, and messages.

And as the big day approaches, we’ll just have to follow social media carefully – so we know what’s happening when, but out of curiosity as well! We can’t wait to see who Chiara wears at the ceremony, and find out more details from what is surely going to be the highlights of the year in the wedding world.

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