Celebrate Your Bachelorette Party 'Sex & The City' Style

Planning a bachelorette party? We have an idea: Sex & The City. That’s right. Celebrate your last night as a single woman like Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte would. How? By going to New York, of course!

Organiza tu despedida de soltera en Nueva York. Foto: HBO Films
photo: HBO Films

sex and the city satc

There are quite a few ways to go about this. The best option is to contact an agency that specializes in this kind of party. Hop in a limousine and hit all the spots that the girls frequented on the series. Then, have a beauty session, go for brunch, and drink a Cosmo before shopping in true Carrie Bradshaw fashion.

wink carrie bradshaw sex and the city satc flirting

carrie bradshaw sex and the city satc

Do your research. There are plenty of bars and restaurants that have made appearances on the show. Have a drink in Scout, Aidan’s bar or dinner at Buddakan, the same place where Carrie and Mr. Big celebrated their rehearsal dinner.

sex and the city curse satc born charlotte york

carrie bradshaw sex and the city satc no nope

omg oh my god carrie bradshaw sex and the city satc

And the most special touch: the gift from the bridesmaids to the bride. In this case, there’s nothing more fitting than a pair of Manolos. Carrie Bradshaw would be so jealous.

shocked carrie bradshaw sex and the city satc sarah jessica parker

If you can’t make it to New York due to finances, fear of heights, agoraphobia, or whatever reason, you could always have a New York style party from home. A rooftop, friends, New York decor, and a night of surprises will have you forgetting all about pre-wedding stress.

Paseos en limusina, cupcakes y ... ¡Cosmopolitans! Foto: HBO Films
photo: HBO Films

smoking sex and the city satc

So let the party begin!

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