Caroline Castigliano 2017 Love is in The Air Collection – Elegance and Style At Its Finest!

For the best of British Wedding Dress Designers, look no further than Caroline Castigliano. World-famous for her exceptional craftsmanship, the outstanding quality and elegance of her creations and hailed as a pioneering, home-grown talent, Caroline is one of the integral pillars of British bridal couture. We here at Zankyou are proud to present to you her spectacular 2017 Wedding Dress Collection, so stay tuned for some of the most magnificent bridal gowns of the year.

Caroline‘s 2017 designs are a collection of refined and classy wedding dresses, featuring a variety of silhouettes, necklines and detailing. With a design to suit any style and body shape, and the use of luxurious fabrics, you are sure to find something you adore in her collection.

A prominent feature in her collection is the sweetheart neckline – perfect for any bride looking for something feminine, sophisticated and princess-esque on her big day. Many of Caroline‘s 2017 dresses feature this neckline, and each one is unique and detailed in such a way that showcases its femininity.

Learn more about “Bisou - Caroline Castigliano 2017”
Bisou – Caroline Castigliano 2017
Learn more about “Everlasting - Caroline Castigliano 2017”
Everlasting – Caroline Castigliano 2017

Whether you’re looking for a clean-cut and minimalistic style, such as Eternal Love, or something a bit more whimsical, such as Anniversary, Caroline’s stunning sweetheart necklines are sure to satisfy your tastes.

Learn more about “Eternal Love - Caroline Castigliano 2017”
Eternal Love – Caroline Castigliano 2017

Eternal love features a tiered skirt, which, coupled with a cinched-in waist, adds volume to the lower half and creates a balanced, hourglass effect. A fantastic choice for a bride with a broader upper body. The soft, floral detailing adds a nice touch, harmonizing perfectly with the design of the dress.

Learn more about “Anniversary - Caroline Castigliano 2017 ”
Anniversary – Caroline Castigliano 2017

If you’re after something with a little more ooh la la, then perhaps one of Caroline’s V-neck gowns is more suitable for your taste. Undoubtedly elegant, with a touch of allure, these designs are likely to set pulses racing as you walk down the aisle. For the less-is-more type of bride, Becoming is the perfect combination of minimalism and sultriness. Simple in its design, it allows its top-quality craftsmanship and silhouette make a statement.

Learn more about “Becoming - Caroline Castigliano 2017”
Becoming – Caroline Castigliano 2017

Baboushka is a perfect example of a dress exposing a little modest amount of cleavage, while maintaining class and sophistication. Delicately detailed with intricate bead-work and crystals, this design is a head-turner for all the right reasons. The slim silhouette of the skirt showcases the feminine figure and gives the dress an ethereal feel.

Learn more about “Baboushka - Caroline Castigliano 2017”
Baboushka – Caroline Castigliano 2017
Learn more about “Sayonara - Caroline Castigliano 2017”
Sayonara – Caroline Castigliano 2017

Lace, as seen in Sayonara, is featured prominently in Caroline’s 2017 Wedding Dress Collection. Tertia is a perfect example of the amalgamation of this traditional and feminine fabric with the daring and bold nature of the plunging V-neckline.

Learn more about “Tertia - Caroline Castigliano 2017”
Tertia – Caroline Castigliano 2017

The epitome of femininity and modern-classic elegance, this lace-edged beauty is a must-have for any bride who wants to let the detail of her dress do the talking. The flower detailing of the bodice is a pleasant contrast to the simplicity of its skirt. Pure chic!

Learn more about “Tertia - Caroline Castigliano 2017”
Tertia – Caroline Castigliano 2017

Morning has the boldness of the lace seen in Tertia, but with the lace extending over the shoulder, highlighting the bride’s neckline and shoulders. A wonderful option for someone who doesn’t want a dress that is too exposing. The flowing nature of the skirt allows the structure to be based up top, sculpting the bride’s upper body and skimming gracefully over her lower half.

Learn more about “Morning - Caroline Castigliano 2017”
Morning – Caroline Castigliano 2017

Panache, for a bride hoping to channel her inner Kate Middleton, is a perfect choice, especially for an indoor wedding. The delicate lace sleeves are modest without being too conservatice, and the bodice is somewhat racy without being over-the-top. A wonderful combination of elements that equates to a classy and regal dress.

Learn more about “Panache - Caroline Castigliano 2017”
Panache – Caroline Castigliano 2017

Mirabeau is a perfect choice for a bride who wants all eyes to be glued to her when she’s at the altar saying her vows. The magnificent back detailing on this dress is so intricate and beautiful that any bride who chooses this option needs to prepare herself for compliments galore!

Learn more about “Mirabeau - Caroline Castigliano 2017”
Mirabeau – Caroline Castigliano 2017

The hard work that has gone into the embellishment of this dress is enough to make you want to marvel at it. If you are less about finer detailing and prefer something understated and sleek, then look no further than Cezanne and Lyla. Both beautiful depictions of grace and timelessness.

Learn more about “Cezanne - Caroline Castigliano 2017”
Cezanne – Caroline Castigliano 2017

With designs as simple as these, you are guaranteed to look back on your wedding photographs and know that your dress will still be as elegant and fashionable as the day you wore it. Caroline has allowed the shape and style of these dresses to encapsulate a ladylike regality and keep it fresh for a long time to come.

Learn more about “Lyla - Caroline Castigliano 2017”
Lyla – Caroline Castigliano 2017

With an array of designs and dresses to choose from, the Caroline Castigliano 2017 Wedding Dress Collection surely has something for every bride! No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it here. Make sure you contact your nearest provider and get the dress of your dreams!

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