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Beach Honeymoon: The 4 Gadgets You Didn't Know You Needed

Honeymooning on the beach? Here is our guide to the 4 gadgets you cannot do without.

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After the excitement of your big day comes the long-awaited honeymoon. A week (or two) spent in the company of your husband, away from routine, responsibilities and the demands of everyday life. The destination has been decided: the beach! You’re already dreaming of the Mediterranean’s clear, warm waters, or the golden sands of the Caribbean under the hot summer sun. Now all there is to do is pack. So as not to forget anything important, Zankyou is going to share the five gadgets that you must take with you to the beach!

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Photo Momento Cativo

SunSeat Strap System Origama ($69.90)

A beach chair, both easy to store and transport that doubles up as a beach towel. All you need to enjoy the best of the hot weather!

Photo Origama
Photo Origama

Diving mask with inbuilt underwater camera ($119.99)

If you don’t have a GoPro and are thinking of scuba diving or snorkeling, you will need this mask by Liquid Image in order to record everything you see while underwater and then remind yourself of it whenever you want!

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Photo via Liquid Image

Portable solar-powered charger ($30-100)

There are various models available on the market. Each brand has a solar charger compatible with smartphones. Prices vary between 30 and 100 dollars but all guarantee greater autonomy with your phone. You will be able to spend the whole day at the beach, take the photos you wish and use the data you want without ever having to worry about the battery.

Photo via Ebay

Meggi Beach Pillow ($33)

These pillows are two-in-one. They offer support while shading your face. On each pillow, there is a small removable, extendable hood that you may adjust according to your preference.

Photo Meggi
Photo Meggi

Only the best for your dream honeymoon!

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