Attention All Wedding Guests: This Summer Season's Top 3 Dresses

With wedding season on the horizon, it’s time to plan your wedding guest looks. There are so many options out there, but sometimes it’s difficult to find the perfect dress for you, especially in summer. If this is the case, we present to you three dress designs from the past that have resurfaced on the fashion scene for 2018. 

The Oriental Dress

A work of art throughout the years, inspired by the intricacies of the Orient, this is set to be a hot trend again this summer. For years, the oriental style has always been great for wedding guests, with a breath of fresh and exotic air. On this occasion, the influence of the Manchu culture of China is filtered in 2018 through the famous quipao dress. The dress, exhibiting a tight cloth, falls from the neck (with a typical Oriental collar and buttons) to the knees, where the skirt usually has two side openings. The composition is firm and, at the same time, mysterious and sexy.

Style Lovely
Photo: Style Lovely

The Suit

Luckily, we don’t still live in an age in which women guests are expected to wear dresses while men wear the suits. The women’s tuxedo is chic, powerful, and will never go off trend in our modern world.

The use of the tuxedo by women is not something new (Yves Saint Laurent adapted it in the 70s), but it is still generally hardly used. And it’s a shame, because in black, navy and dark green it is an elegant option as well as sensual, and perfect for any wedding at night. This season, Massimo Dutti will dominate the scene with some exquisite women suits.

Massimo Dutti
Photo: Massimo Dutti

The Bohemian dress

The bohemian dress has returned, still with the influence of the 60-70s hippie and carefree culture. This retrospective trend has once again emerged with thanks to festivals such as Coachella, a showcase of bohemian and cool fashion with hippie ensembles. Historically, these styles reflect the end of restrictions on female fashion, as the 60s, 70s, 80s and, lately, 90s, were periods of liberation for women expressing themselves. Floral prints are a must have, echoing the beauty of nature.

Photo: Coosy

Three novelties of the past that return with even more style to blend with elegance and modernity for 2018 summer weddings. Let us know your favourites!

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