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The special experience couples have during their big day makes weddings a celebration we all have a soft spot for. But, have you ever stopped to think how a wedding location might alter your guest’s opinion about the wedding?

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The special experience couples have during their big day makes weddings a celebration we all have a soft spot for, but have you ever stopped to think how a wedding location might alter your guest’s opinion about the wedding itself?

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The place where your wedding is held will influence your guest’s opinion about your wedding. Picture: Paradores.

A parador, which is a luxury and historical hotel, is often thought to be much more expensive than other options, but this isn’t always the case. From fixed packages starting at around 80 euros per head, Paradores in Spain offer different size venues to suit your wedding ideas. If you’re ready to spend a bit more, for around 100 euros per guest, you can book an exclusive hotel  in various charming locations of Spain to celebrate your big day.

What does this offer include? If your guests are coming from abroad, Paradores offer the possibility of paying a small additional charge for every guest and guaranteeing them a great vacation. All Paradores rooms include a double/twin bed and breakfast.

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For a small additional charge your family and guests can stay the night in the Parador. Picture: Paradores.

For your wedding, Paradores offer you fantastic set packages which can include; a welcome cocktail, the wedding breakfast, two hours of an open bar, accommodation and breakfast for your family and guests at the selected hotel. Without a doubt, a gesture your guests from abroad will appreciate and always remember. No one enjoys having to worry about accommodation when traveling abroad.

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Having breakfast with nice views in a double room of the hotel will be an experience your guests will always remember. Picture: Paradores.
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Making a reservation for an exclusive Parador will allow your guests to enjoy the extra services it offers. Picture: Paradores.

When making an exclusive reservation for your party, a Parador allows you to select the best spaces or event rooms for your wedding. This way you don’t worry about other couples picking out the prettiest event room, or running into another bride wearing a better dress than yours!

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Making the reservation with a Parador soley for you eliminates the worries that come with selecting the available spaces for your wedding day. Picture: Paradores.

Paradores are all historic hotels and buildings strategically located in places with beautiful scenery: in historic cities, in the middle of the countryside and close to the sea. Staying the night in these spectacular hotels is a great way to keep the celebration going the following day. You can tour the area or enjoy the services the Parador has to offer.

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Spectacular views of the Paradores . Picture: Paradores.

If you want to celebrate your wedding in the beautiful, rustic countryside of Spain you can make an exclusive reservation in places like The Parador of Cazorla, in the middle of the mountains, or Lerma, an ideal place to celebrate your wedding in a castle.

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From left to right and Top to Bottom: The Parador of Chinchon, Lerma, Salamanca, Plasencia, and Cazorla, all of which you can make exclusive reservations for your wedding. Picture: Paradores.

Have you selected a Parador? Make an exclusive reservation  on the Paradores website for your wedding. Your guests will congratulate you for the wonderful idea and choice of venue!

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