An Exclusive Insight Into The Justin Alexander Signature Fall/Winter 2018 Collection

Dramatic, daring and yet still immensely feminine, the new collection from the Justin Alexander Signature range ticks all the right boxes for brides looking to make an entrance. With original compositions, innovative fabric combinations and a flair for the dramatic, the Fall/Winter 2018 Collection is unique, but also retains some of the classical bridal features that we love so much. This balancing act is expertly achieved by Justin Alexander Signature, who combines soft skirts and layered fabrics, with modern 3D cut-outs and special accompaniments including capes and belts. You’re sure to make the best kind of lasting impression with a dress from the Signature Collection – have an exclusive look here!

Discover Justin Alexander Signature
Style 99003. Credits: Justin Alexander Signature.

This gown combines a classic style with some modern features – the magnificent crepe ballgown also boasts of a metallic buckle-belt, and a pair of illusion tulle crepe gloves which extend to the upper arm. This creates an outfit almost fit for royalty, with decadence and luxury emanating from the soft ivory material.

Discover Justin Alexander Signature
Style 99004. Credits: Justin Alexander Signature.

With a rippling, waterfall effect skirt, this dress is a departure from the drama of the rest of the collection. The layering of translucent tulle in the skirt is very romantic, but it is the top that really makes this dress – the illusion bodice, replete with beading and crystals, simply shines in a stark contrast from the simplicity of the skirt.

Discover Justin Alexander Signature
Style 99005. Credits: Justin Alexander Signature.

As one of the many statement pieces of the collection, this fairytale-inspired ballgown works hard to be both romantic and innovative. The long cathedral train with hem lace is simply gorgeous, and a delight to look at, whilst the off-the-shoulder sleeves are dainty and contribute to the elegance of the gown.

Discover Justin Alexander Signature
Style 99007. Credits: Justin Alexander Signature.

This fit-and-flare gowns aims to accentuate and emphasise natural curves, a celebration of the female form and the beauty therein. The scattered lace is beautiful, and adds a heightened sense of femininity, which is further highlighted by the boned bodice and transparency of the material.

Discover Justin Alexander Signature
Style 99010. Credits: Justin Alexander Signature.

This gown is flirty, fun and a little bit foxy. With illusion beaded lace adorning the bodice – which has a low drop back with buttons – and layers of tulle in the shin-length skirt, this dress swings with every movement of the bride’s hips, and would be perfect for dancing!

Discover Justin Alexander Signature
Style 99013. Credits: Justin Alexander Signature.

Do you want a wedding dress that is going to make your guests’ jaws drop? Because this V-neck fit-and-flare gown is it. With an illusion-style back and tasteful cut outs at the front of the bodice, this dress is revealing (whilst classy!) and sexy, with the rough-cut layering of tulle mimicking a more urban style.

Discover Justin Alexander Signature
Style 99017. Credits: Justin Alexander Signature.

The skirt on this dress sparkles! A sequin underlay attached to the horsehair trim means that with every step, a bride will dazzle in this gown. This voluminous skirt makes a huge impact, whilst being incredibly delicate and gentle, and very carefully layered.

Discover Justin Alexander Signature
Style 99019. Credits: Justin Alexander Signature.

We at Zankyou just love this dress. It is bordering on angelic, with the rippling fabric creating a totally ethereal and dreamy effect which is compounded by the shoulder chiffon cape that extends out behind the dress like wings.

Discover Justin Alexander Signature
Style 99020. Credits: Justin Alexander Signature.

The full tulle tiered skirt on this dress is a marvel in and of itself, made better only by Justin Alexander’s decision to pair it with a simple bodice (though not too simple – it has couture seaming after all…), and a thin crystal belt. The overall impact of this ballgown is one of absolute elegance and style.

Discover Justin Alexander Signature
Style 99021. Credits: Justin Alexander Signature.

Finishing off our exclusive look at the new Justin Alexander Signature Collection for 2018, this gown reigns due to its simplicity and lack of embellishments. Proving once and for all that a wedding dress does not have to have beads or appliqués to stand out (though they’re often very nice additions!), this fit-and-flare dress has couture seaming and effortlessly complements the bride’s figure.

The 2018 Fall/Winter Justin Alexander Signature Collection is one-of-a-kind, with both traditional and modern shapes included for brides. Bordering on couture at all times, this collection is sophisticated and elegant, whilst also immensely sexy and alluring. A tasteful new addition to the bridal fashion industry, Justin Alexander Signature’s new range is original and innovative – and very much typical of the brand, which always aims to create looks that are suitable for both the catwalk and the church aisle!

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