A "Wuthering Heights" Wedding Theme: Tattered Elegance

Photo by Richard Israel via Ruffled

Books are a great inspiration for conjuring up a new wedding theme, and the latest titles that couples have been fawning over (Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby) have resulted in some spectacular weddings. Wuthering Heights is another highly-acclaimed novel and we’ve sculpted together a wedding based off this classic.

Photo by Richard Israel via Ruffled

The brief background of Wuthering Heights involves Heathcliff and Cathy, and their deep, dark romance spanning a few decades. The twists and turns in this epic read may not provide great fodder for a marriage, but the theme of the story and the visuals create an interesting and intricate setting, thus a Wuthering Heights wedding theme.

Vintage, as we know it, relies heavily on the details and brides enjoy clumping objects that appear to have an old world aesthetic. The combination of “tattered pieces found around the house” (Heathcliff) with “high-brow elegance” (Cathy) present a new take on period-themed weddings and overall, a more simpler look at vintage.

Photo courtesy of Glory Days Vintage

Bridal Attire 

Rummage around a store (or your closet) for a dress that captures the look of being prim while also looking like you just picked your best dress. Prior to Cathy’s marriage to Edgar Linton, she descended from a destitute family who would have chosen their most proper outfit for a special event.

Photo by Brumley and Wells via Ruffled

As mentioned with the wedding dress, most brides didn’t scrounge together savings for new shoes. They toiled over cleaning their favorite boots to ensure that they were presentable. Consider finding Victorian-style shoes for your wedding; they complete your look and they’re infinitely more comfortable than stilettos.

Photo by Brumley and Wells via Ruffled

Veils were quite popular then, but many couldn’t afford them. Floral crowns made equally elegant headpieces that denoted who the bride was and they embodied a countryside wedding.

Photo courtesy of Love My Dress
Photo by Melissa McCrotty via Ruffled

Wedding Reception Food 

A cake was considered a delicacy in 19th century England for most, mainly because the specific ingredients were costly. Most families chose to use their ingredients for “non-frivolous” items on a daily basis and cakes or pies were baked for special days.

Forego a fondant wedding cake and bake fruit-filled confectioneries and lay them onto antique china. Omit the icing on the sides and expose the layers while piling the icing on top. You’ll have a decadent wedding cake that will whet your guests’ appetite.

If you prefer a more natural, organic feel, bake artisanal pies and tarts like this Double-Cherry Pie from Food Network. Arrange them on a wooden dessert table and decorate the table with old liquor bottles or milk glass bottles. Garden roses or sprigs of lavender blooming from them create a darling effect.

Photo courtesy of Wedding Chicks

A simple family-style dinner after the wedding was a must. Once the couple were declared married, a reception could have been hosted at the bride’s parents home, with food placed directly on the table. Recently, this has become a very popular wedding trend and couples are making their soirees more intimate by choosing this type of food service.

Photo courtesy of Min Lilla Veranda via Blogspot
Photo courtesy of Ruffled

Wedding Decor and Flowers 

Empty bottles of medicine, tonic, or liquor were likely found around the house to be used for later purposes. Brighten up your reception tables with a cluster of bottles and place a single flower stem or a large bunch of wildflowers. Extra bonus points if the labels on the bottle are yellowed and peeling.

Photo courtesy of Once Wed

It was probable that any couple in 19th century England were wed at their parish church, but we couldn’t pass up the carpenter-style wedding arch. It’s perfect for any outdoor affair that wishes to add a dash of creativity and no-fuss detail.

Photo courtesy of Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

During that period, the bridal bouquet usually consisted of a few stems of flowers from the garden, or wildflowers were picked from the hills in bunches. Use baby’s breath (as seen in the picture) as a starting point or simply as an entire bouquet.

What other classic reads would you like to see as wedding inspirations?

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