Ceremony Officiant: Passion and emotion for a non religious wedding

Ceremony Officiant: Passion and emotion for a non religious wedding

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The traditional image we have of weddings is often closely linked to a religious ceremony or a civil ceremony. However, there are many reasons for choosing a secular ceremony as there are now more and more weddings in the US that are non religious. But how do you ensure that such a ceremony doesn’t lose the emotional touches that are so essential to the happiest of your life?

A romantic ceremony by a ceremony officiant

It is far less complicated than it sounds, just place your ceremony in the hands of someone you trust, who will officiate in a way that will leave you breathless. Not just the bride and groom, but also your guests. With this in mind, and more and more US couples choosing to marry in France, we present to you Aude Abadie a ceremony officiant, that has united many couples from the US. With Aude you will soon realize that it is completely unnecessary to worry about a secular ceremony.

A wedding with a ceremony officiant

Having now officiated for several years, Aude comes from a literary background which then led to the communication service of the National Library of France. She has always been good at writing and very passionate about it, even more so since she started to share her passion and emotion in unique events such as weddings.

Secular ceremony full of emotion

Castle, garden or park. The choice is yours. Aude Abadie will show the extent of her professionalism and talent and create the ceremony of your dreams. Aude will have a private consultation with you to ensure your ceremony is completely personalized to you and full of those personal touches and words that mean something to you as a couple. She will also include favorite texts or passages from poems or books, making this type of ceremony extremely romantic and unique.

Officiating ceremony, confidence and professionalism

On your big day, Aude Abadie is responsible for the coordination of the service and will ensure it is a completely bespoke union fully charged with intense emotion in the right tone and with a fun and relaxed twist. Aude is also fluent in English for anyone travelling from the US wanting to marry in a beautiful French setting, without the formalities and legalities of a religious ceremony.

Country wedding with a ceremony officiant

The best thing about a secular wedding is that it removes all the legalities of marriage allowing you to have your ceremony anywhere you like and at any time. Be it on a French beach at sunrise or even in your own back yard at midnight. You can also choose your own words and texts to read, that don’t have to follow the traditional scripts of “I take thee…”

Much more than just officiating, you can really trust Aude Abadie for your secular union, creating a moving ceremony with your own vision, but also giving you a reassuring presence all throughout the preparations and planning, making your ceremony completely unique and personalized to you.

We think there is nothing more romantic than having a ceremony completely created just for you with your own words and favorite sayings. If you’re thinking of marrying in France, why not contact  Aude today and start planning the ceremony of your dreams!

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