A Trio of Wedding Cakes: The Best Trend for 2017

Learn a bit more about the trend of having a trio of wedding cakes on your big day!

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In the 80s and 90s some brides chose to have a trio of cakes all beautifully laid out in tiers. Sometimes the cake that you could see, wasn’t in fact real and would be filled with lots of pre-sliced bits of cake inside. Sounding a bit old-fashioned? Think again: imagine the variety of cakes you could have if you go for something a little different when it comes to ordering your wedding cake. Having lots of little ones could be more fun than you might think.

saveSoul Sweet - Foto Rafael KareliskyLearn more about “Soul Sweet”
Soul Sweet. Photo: Rafael Karelisky

The change

The biggest trend for 2017 is an updated take on the trio of cakes idea from the 80s and 90s, and the best part about it is how much freedom it gives you in terms of the style and flavor of the cakes!

Photo: Ricardo Boza. Decoration: Glau Miranda
saveSoul Sweet - Foto Ricardo Durand / Ella ArtsLearn more about “Soul Sweet”
Soul Sweet. Photo: Ricardo Durand / Ella Arts
saveFoto divulgação Mislene Cabral
Photo promo Mislene Cabral


If you and your other half have differing tastes when it comes to cakes, then having a selection of cakes could be the perfect way to avoid any disagreements, and remember, having more than one cake doesn’t have to be more expensive!

Photo: promo Soul Sweet
savebolos da ana  - Priscila Photography
Bolos da Ana, Photo: Priscila Photography
Promo: Bolos da Betah

Another plus point is that if you choose to go for something like cupcakes, they can serve as the perfect table decorations too! For example, choosing cakes in certain colors or with certain designs is a great way to tie in all the colors in your scheme. How sophisticated is that! More than anything, wedding cakes are often absolutely gorgeous but sit on a stand out of view until they’re sliced, so this means they get the admiration they deserve before they disappear!

savementa e pessego
Photo: Promo Menta e Pessego
saveBolos da Ana. Foto: Agência Uai
Bolos da Ana. Photo: Agência Uai

Different compositions

With so many bakeries and professional cake makers out there, there is no end to the types of decorations you could choose! For example, you could choose to finish the cake with a whipped cream or sugar paste, or you may even want to leave your cake ‘naked’ and follow another of the latest trends in the cake industry!

The thing to remember is that this is your wedding, and it’s your wedding cake! Pick something that you love, as well as something that reflects your personality and the overall feel of the wedding. If you follow this advice you can’t go wrong…

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