How to Have a Memorable Wedding Cake: 5 Tips from Cake Guru Ron Ben-Israel

Patty-cake, patty-cake, baker's man, bake me a cake as high as you can! Here are our expert tips on how to make sure your guests remember your wedding cake. Don't miss out!

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When it comes to luxurious wedding cakes, there’s one name that stands out above the rest: Ron Ben-Israel of Ron Ben-Israel Cakes in New York. The master confectioner from Israel creates cakes that could be preserved as precious works of art – he’s been known to have used Swarovski crystals in his designs. Just take a look at the video below where Ben-Israel explains how he designed a wedding cake that was inspired by the spire at St. Brides church in London.

This famous baker gave five essential tips to take into account when deciding what to order for your wedding cake:

1. Make it personal


Your wedding cake should represent you as a couple. This means that there should be a distinguishing feature that marks the wedding cake as distinctly yours. Whether it represents your historyyour dreams, or something more concrete like your hobbies, a cake should reveal/represent something about you both. Therefore, when working with a baker on the wedding cake design, give them photos of you and your significant other and recount important moments in the relationship. 

savePhoto via Shutterstock - Tunedinby61
Photo via Shutterstock – Tunedinby61

2. Match your decor theme

In addition to personalizing the wedding cake, Ron recommends incorporating the wedding decoration into the design as well. This means that ordering your cake comes after you’ve established the theme of your wedding, so make sure you have plenty of time to discuss incorporating your décor. Bring your wedding invitations and flashcards (e.g. Pantone) of the color palette you’ve chosen for your wedding.

saveFoto: Gabi Amorim from Cetim
Photo: Gabi Amorim from Cetim

3. Make it outstanding

Whether it’s standing alone or on a dessert table filled with miniature cakes and cookies, you want your wedding cake to stand out, literally. In order to achieve towering heights, as the master baker did with the St. Brides church spire cake, Ron believes that wedding cake designers must have a knowledge of architecture. The familiarity with support and structure ensures that a larger cake won’t collapse. 

saveDel Castillo Photography
Photo: Del Castillo Photography

4. Make it flavorful 

Sure you can have classic vanilla and/or chocolate, but with so many flavors our there, why not get playful? Especially with tiered cakes, you have more opportunity to experiment with flavor combinations. Ron recommends also matching the flavors to the locale: for example, if you’re celebrating your wedding on an island paradise, consider using coconut. 

saveThay Rabello from Cetim (Bia&Hugo)
Photo: Thay Rabello from Cetim (Bai&Hugo)

5. Talk to a professional

The best advice will come from a profession – no matter how much your friends and family love you and mean the best, they aren’t trained in the industry and therefore the help they can offer is minimal. You can certainly use sites like Pinterest to find inspiration and bring them to your wedding cake baker to see if it’s acheivable on your budget, but it’s important to recognize that some cakes on the internet are for show and aren’t realistic. 

savePhoto via Shutterstock - Mr Max
Photo via Shutterstock – Mr Max

So there you have it! Expert tips on how to make your wedding cake truly memorable. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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