A Marathon Proposal Session!

A Marathon Proposal Session!

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A year after the bombings of the Boston marathon, where 3 people lost their lives and hundreds were injured,  the athletes pounded the streets of the city again, this time… with a much happier ending.

On reaching the finish line some runners surprised their partners by proposing to them. This was the case for Carla, whose boyfriend had managed to get special tickets so that she could be in a special restricted area. Greg on approach to the finish line, found his girlfriend and down on one knee asked that all important question: “Will you marry me?”…to which she said “yes”. Greg had two objectives in mind, finishing the marathon in good time, and asking his girlfriend to marry him.

savePhoto: Carla White-Keefe via Facebook
Photo: Carla White-Keefe via Facebook



But they weren’t the only couple, as it seems the tragedy from the previous year had touched many hearts and many couples faced the reality of how short life can be.

John, an experienced runner, was running his 16th marathon when he proposed to his girlfriend Jodi as he got to the finish line… she too said yes!


Another “Will you marry me?” from Tom to his girlfriend Mary on the finish line.


Kendra, from New Jersey, was also surprised by her boyfriend Greg, who when finished the race, presented her with a stunning engagement ring.


But it didn’t only rain proposals on the day of the marathon. Brian, a runner from California, proposed to his girlfriend Shonra the day before the marathon in front of that all anticipated finish line.

This time the event was surrounded by romance, coming full circle from the tragic year before. Without doubt the wedding spirit was present that day. Would you like a public proposal? Share your opinion or experience on Twitter, @ZankyouUS

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