A luxury hotel for your destination wedding in Spain, with Paradores

Planning a destination wedding in Spain? Looking for a luxury hotel for your big day? Just check out the Paradores brand for the most luxurious offerings for your wedding day. Castles, monasteries, modern buildings - they've got them all, to suit your budget, needs and tastes.

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Getting married in a Parador

If you’re considering a destination wedding in Spain, you will surely have considered getting married in a Parador, a chain of hotels located in historical and impressive buildings. Today, we want to bring the best luxury hotels owned by the brand, available for your destination wedding.

From palaces to castles to monasteries and convents – the Parador brand has got them all. It also owns some of the most exciting newly designed hotel buildings in the country. And it’s not only about the building…

The chain’s hotels can also be found in some of the most amazing locations that Spain has to offer, from volcanic landscapes to mountain ranges and urban settings.

With this much choice, what you really need to do now is think about the perfect setting for you, your essential needs and, of course, your budget.

Getting married in a Parador

If you’re looking for a natural setting, how about the Parador de Soria, surrounded by forest, mountains and the infamous River Duero. Or what about the stunning black volcanic rocks of Parador del Hierro, found on one of the most spectacular of the Canary Islands – El Hierro.

Getting married in a Parador

Getting married in a Parador

It’s not all about old buildings, as we said. Just take a look at the Parador in Salamanca, some 2 hours by car from Madrid. While the city has its own university, founded in the 13th century, the Parador is a modern, luxurious building, with amazing views onto the old city.

If you’re interested in any of the Parador brand’s luxury hotels, just check out the contact details below and start planning the destination wedding of your dreams!

Contact Paradores

Website: www.weddingsatparadores.com
Tel :+34 902547979
E-mail: reservas@parador.es

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