A Gentleman's Night in Switzerland

A Gentleman's Night in Switzerland!

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In Switzerland, on the 18th of November 2016, Zankyou in partnership with Sam Allemann Massbekleidung held a Gentlemen’s night in the luxurious Château Gütsch in Lucerne. It was a rare occasion for like-minded people to meet and talk about mens fashion and the essence of being a gentleman.

The wedding day and the whole spectacle has and always will revolve around the bride, but this does not mean that the the groom and his best man do not look forward to buying themselves a special suit with all trimmings. Opportunities for men to don a bespoke suit with all the accesories have unfortunately become few and far between, but that does not mean they don’t exist altogether.



Sam Allemann Massbekleidung and Michael Ruzidowic – our Head of Switerzland Department – are keen to develop and celebrate this overlooked sector. Sam  is devoted to creating sytlish garments for men, catering for both the casual and formal look. It was a pleasure to hear what the other professionals thought of mens fashion and where it is heading. It is fair to say that the whole event gave Michael Ruzidowic even more inspiration to really develop the mens fashion sector within Zankyou.

Sam hosted the event, and did so brillianty. It was a fun, yet informative night filled with professionals who were eager to share ideas and compart their valuable knowledge. The night was so successful in fact, that plans are already underway to have another night with a similar plan next year, in 2017.



Being that world largest and most popular wedding website we understand how important it is to cater for everyone, including the grooms. We are therefore very excited to see how Michael’s hard work will make the grooms fashion become an incremental part of Zankyou.

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