A Fashion Statement for Him: The Best Boutonnières for The Groom

A Guide for Choosing the Best Boutonnières for the Groom While Maintaining His Personal Style. Follow These Guidelines for a Dapper Look on the Big Day.

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On the day of a couple’s wedding, the majority of attention is typically focused on the bride and her wedding dress. Every bride wants to create an impressive, visual impact the minute she steps foot on the aisle. But, let’s not forget about the groom. His look is equally as important and can be a true fashion statement and reflection of his personality. Here we want to show you the best boutonnières for the groom.

savePhoto: Judy Pak Photography
Photo: Judy Pak Photography

A boutonnière, also known as a buttonhole (it sounds so much better in French) is steeped in history, dating back to the 1800s. During this time, this symbol of wealth and elegance, combined with the trend of Haute Couture, was brought into modern-day weddings. As with anything in fashion, styles have changed over the years, and current day designs really break the boundaries of tradition to present themselves as true accessories of style and fashion. These accessories have always been seen as traditional and understated, but not any more! From the simplest to the most elaborate designs, the styles we’re seeing now are true showstoppers.

savePhoto: Kelly Sweet Photography
Photo: Kelly Sweet Photography
savePhoto: Carly McCray Photography
Photo: Carly McCray Photography
savePhoto: Our Labor of Love
Photo: Our Labor of Love
savePhoto: Lauren Kinsey Photography
Photo: Lauren Kinsey Photography
savePhoto: Clary Pfeiffer
Photo: Clary Pfeiffer
savePhoto: Jen Fariello
Photo: Jen Fariello
savePhoto: Wai Reyes Photography
Photo: Wai Reyes Photography
savePhoto: Ken Kienow Wedding Photography
Photo: Ken Kienow Wedding Photography

We applaud couples that choose to step out of their wedding comfort zone and think outside of the box.  However, one thing we like to recommend is that the boutonnière matches the same style as the bride’s bouquet. You don’t necessarily have to have a mini version of the bouquet, but, keeping the same tones or types of flowers will ensure every detail of the wedding is cohesively maintained. In terms of choosing the style of boutonnière, instead of choosing a classic rose or peony, opt for injecting vivid colors or tropical blooms. For a vintage look, a simple pastel flower with some green foliage will look outstanding. Keep in mind, the design you choose should match the theme of your wedding. For example, choosing a small gathering of lavender would be perfect for a rustic wedding.

savePhoto: Delbarr Moradi Photography
Photo: Delbarr Moradi Photography
savePhoto: Dani Stephenson Photography
Photo: Dani Stephenson Photography
savePhoto: Brittany Lauren Photography
Photo: Brittany Lauren Photography
savePhoto: Milou & Olin
Photo: Milou & Olin
savePhoto: Jessica Claire
Photo: Jessica Claire
savePhoto: Elisa B Photography
Photo: Elisa B Photography
savePhoto: Elan Klein Photography
Photo: Elan Klein Photography

A touch of color is always appealing to the eye. In this case, you could accompany the design with some buttons or ribbons in matching tones. For the more fashion-forward man, contrasting colors speak for themselves and dramatic tones can be matched with something a little more natural. The result will be a perfect balance of style.

If you’re having an intimate, daytime ceremony, choose a more discreet design that is accented with hints of color. For an evening ceremony, go for larger flowers, foliage, and darker hues.

savePhoto: Paige Elizabeth Photography
Photo: Paige Elizabeth Photography
savePhoto: Meg Sexton
Photo: Meg Sexton
savePhoto: M Three Studio
Photo: M Three Studio
savePhoto: The Reason
Photo: The Reason
savePhoto: Tory Williams Photography
Photo: Tory Williams Photography
savePhoto: Tec Petaja
Photo: Tec Petaja

To truly make a fashion statement, go with this seasons favorite plant: the succulent. These pretty plants are on-trend and require little effort to maintain them looking pristine all day.

For the ultimate style statement choose a boutonnière that completely contrasts the suit and tie. Don’t be afraid to play with textures and colors. The more eclectic the better!

savePhoto: Purple Tree Photography
Photo: Purple Tree Photography

The important thing is to ensure that the groom is comfortable and happy with the accessories he has chosen to wear. The groom should choose his idea of the perfect accessory, without compromising his own style. It is a great thing to take fashion risks, but you should always be yourself and stay true to your personal style.

Photo credits: Judy Pak PhotographyKelly Sweet PhotographyCarly McCray Photography, Our Labor of Love, Lauren KinseyClary PfeifferJen FarielloWai Reyes PhotographyKen Kienow Wedding PhotographyDelbarr Moradi PhotographyDani Stephenson PhotographyBrittany Lauren PhotographyMilou & OlinJessica ClaireElisa B PhotographyPaige Elizabeth PhotographyMeg SextonM Three StudioThe ReasonTec PetajaPurple Tree Photography

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