A Decadent Parisian Destination Wedding: Creative Floral Compositions from Dely Fleurs

Enhance the decadent decoration of your Parisian destination wedding stunning custom-made floral compositions from Dely Fleurs, the professional floral workshop.

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Wedding flowers can harmoniously and elaborately dress up your special day, whether they are a traditional, modern or romantic style. Depending on their shapes, their colors, and their composition, you can create an infinity of different atmospheres.

So, when it comes to holding your decadent destination wedding in Paris, opt for a stunning floral scenography by Dely Fleurs. Since 2002, this talented florist, located only 20 minutes from Paris, has created unique floral decorations that inspire brides and guests alike.

saveDely FleursDiscover the pretty creations from Dely Fleurs
Photo: Ronan Jegaden

Thanks to an experienced team and a remarkable artisanal know-how, Dely Fleurs has become a renowned name in Parisian floral design for both wedding ceremonies and receptions. Their key word? Creativity. These professionals are full of imagination and will work tirelessly at your service. Always listening to you and taking your personal style into account, they will provide you with valuable tips and original ideas to help you decorate your the wedding of your dreams.

saveDely FleursDiscover the pretty creations from Dely Fleurs
Photo: Ronan Jegaden
saveDely FleursDiscover the pretty creations by Dely Fleurs
Photo: Ronan Jegaden

In this Essonne workshop, you are able to essentially create completely personalised decorations, in keeping with your exact wishes. To give you a better idea of how your flower arrangements will look, Dely Fleurs offers a free demonstration. In their workshop, you will be treated to a “visual tasting”, during which you’ll witness the creation of floral displays in real time. You’ll also then be able to tweak your creations if you so wish, ensuring that you’re left with results you’re truly happy with.

saveDely FleursDiscover the pretty creations by Dely Fleurs
Photo : Dely Fleurs

To kickstart your inspiration, you can already find a dynamic variety color themes on this provider’s website. Which colors would you choose for your bridal bouquet? Perhaps pinks, whites and peach for an elegant or romantic wedding style, or a multicolored mix for a summery wedding? There’s no limit to what you can create with Dely Fleurs!

So what are you waiting for? Enhance your destination wedding in Paris with refined floral decoration. Contact Dely Fleurs today, the professional floral creation workshop.

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