8 Unique Engagement Ring Ideas from Etsy

Instead of the tradition diamond ring, check out these unique gemstone engagement rings from Etsy that step out of the traditional jewlery box.

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Photos courtesy of Artemer, Rosado's Box, Illuminance Jewelry via Etsy

The world is full of gorgeous gems and baubles, and the latest trend for the engagement ring is sans diamond (thanks to Kate Middleton). Many brides are opting for engagement ring alternatives, and we’ve provided our own list for unique engagement ring faves courtesy of the wonderful Etsy.

Diamonds are a girl’s and a bride’s best friend. This saying has been etched into the hearts of women all around the world, but many have started to break the diamond engagement ring trend and opt for colorful stones.

In the last year, it hasn’t been uncommon to see a bride’s ring finger decked out in sapphires, topaz, or even the ultra-unique pyrite. Brides are becoming more crafty and bold with their e-rings, and this is a trend we’re delighting in. If you’re on the fence about breaking from this time-honored tradition, take a gander at these beauties from Etsy.

Photo courtesy of SamnSue via Etsy

This aquamarine stunner from SamnSue’s Etsy shop is sure to incite many gasps of delight. The pale blue stone and the delicate halo are perfect for dainty hands or brides who love vintage jewelry.

Photo courtesy of Rosado's Box via Etsy

Morganite and rose gold are a splendid match made in engagement ring heaven. The soft pink hue complements the tints of pink in rose gold, making this piece from Rosado’s Box a timeless ring. The cushion cut morganite stone adds loads of depth and drama, along with nods to the early 20th century when this cut was popular.

Photo courtesy of Janish Jewels via Etsy

Diamonds come in many forms, and Janish Jewels presents a gorgeous diamond ring that is in its raw state. It’s been cut to fit the setting, but other than that, it has been left unpolished and as natural as a diamond comes. This ring definitely sets the stage for “unique.”

Photo courtesy of Rare Earth via Etsy

Rare Earth offers a lovely lemon quartz engagement ring paired with a thin band a ring of diamonds flanking it. The shade of the center stone is an enthralling shade of yellow and champagne, so if you’re seeking a mix between a canary diamond and a champagne-colored stone, this ring will fit your fancy.

Photo courtesy of Rare Earth via Etsy

Blue gemstones have been very significant and popular within the last year, and their styles are so dramatic. With colors ranging from the palest aquamarine to the darkest sapphire, this vivid blue topaz from Rare Earth will not disappoint its wearer.

Photo courtesy of Organikx via Etsy

Emeralds offer another version of depth when it comes to gemstone engagement rings. Like sapphires or rubies, their deep colors are a nod to the era when these were more beloved than diamonds. Unlike sapphires or rubies, this set from Organikx’s Etsy shop offers an air of earth and will cater to the delights of rustic brides.

Photo courtesy of Illuminance Jewelry via Etsy

Pyrite is a unique addition to this list, as it is the only mineral in the presence of gems. Also known as fool’s gold, we loved that its luster was so vibrant and that this ring from Illuminance Jewelry could hold its own in a setting with real gold. Not often used as an engagement ring, this mineral has the capabilities to certainly stand out.

Photo courtesy of Artemer via Etsy

It’s difficult to stray from the traditional diamond, and there are so many reasons not to other than tradition. Aside from the round or princess cuts that the diamond industry offers, venture out and consider another style such as this triangle or trillion-cut diamond from Artemer. It’s a modern style and paired with the thin gold band encasing the diamond in a bezel setting, it will draw heaps of attention to your finger.

How do you feel about modern engagement rings or diverting away from the traditional diamond engagement ring?

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