8 Tips for a Honeymoon That Runs Smoothly

So you survived your wedding and everything went perfectly. Now it’s time to kick off the honeymoon. We don’t like to think about anything going wrong on such a special trip, but unfortunately there are a number of unpleasant surprises that can put a damper on your romantic getaway. That’s why we want to share 8 tips that will guarantee a honeymoon that runs smoothly.

Consejos luna de miel perfecto
photo: B the travel brand

1. Have your bags ready

Please don’t leave them for the last minute. Even though you have your hands full with the wedding preparations, you should leave a gap to pack your things.

2. Make sure your documents are valid

It takes time to renew passports. Make sure whatever document you’ll be traveling with doesn’t expire during the trip and ruin the vacation.

consejos luna de miel perfecta
photo: Mr Wonderful

3. Leave time to relax

One very common mistake is to pack the schedule with activities. We’re sure you’re excited to be on your honeymoon but leaving no time in the itinerary to take a break and relax can take it’s toll. Take it easy and leave time to enjoy a long dinner or glass of wine. After all, the point is to enjoy each other’s company.

Consejos luna de miel perfecta
photo: Arena Tours

4. Plan together

Don’t let just one of you plan the whole trip. Communicate and find things that you both would like to do. It’s not fun if only one of you is enjoying.

5. Don’t forget a first-aid kit

Pack all of the medicine  that you might need, whether it’s ibuprofen or a topical treatment. Since we brought it up, you might as well bring band-aids, after sun lotion, antibiotic creams, Vitamin C tablets, and anything else that can fit in your bag. Better safe than sorry, right?

6. Laser hair removal

If you’ve decided that you’d like to arrive to your wedding and enjoy your honeymoon with perfectly hairless legs, the best option is laser hair removal. Just make sure you leave yourself enough time before the honeymoon so you can enjoy the sun without any risks.

Consejos luna de miel perfecta
photo: B the travel brand

7. Plan a surprise

The big day is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep sharing special moments with your partner. Here’s an idea: surprise him with a romantic dinner or sexy lingerie.

8. A personal recommendation

Try to leave your phone alone. Okay, take a few photos, but forget about your group chats, Instagram, and Snapchat. This is your honeymoon we’re talking about. Focus on your brand new husband!

Consejos luna de miel perfecta
photo: Vive Malasia

Follow these tips and you’ll look back on a honeymoon that couldn’t have been more perfect.

Bon voyage!

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