8 Perfect Places for a Mini Destination Wedding in Curitiba, Brazil

Here are our Top 8 Venues for a mini destination wedding in Curitiba

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Mini-weddings are the best option for couples who aren’t looking for a mega-event, but who would prefer to enjoy their big day with their closest family and friends; those who they consider to be really special. Each venue can be easily customized with objects and photographs that share a little more about the love story of the couple, to create a magical and unforgettable moment.


For those of you planning a Destination Wedding in Curitiba and are searching for a charming, cosy venue, we have selected the city’s Top 8 locations; perfect to hold a mini wedding!

z cr Ses Salines1
Ses Salines – Photo: promo

Ses Salines

Ses Salines is a venue wherein the architecture and décor is inspired by the beautiful beaches of Ibiza. Brides and grooms-to-be who seek a cosy atmosphere, will be enchanted by the natural and relaxed environment thanks to its rustic structure, natural light and integration with nature. The site can accommodate up to 170 seated guests or 220 people for weddings that adhere to the tasting menu and appetiser table.

ses salinesLearn more about “Ses Salines”
Ses Salines – Pboto: promo

Bamboo Eventos

Charming, cosy and with a team specializing in weddings, Bamboo Social Events, offers everything a couple may need to create an unforgettable day. The venue has partnered with celebrity chef Sergio Oliveira, master in the development of personalized menus, which can include both national and international cuisine, as well as all kinds of additional services. A delight!

Bamboo Eventos - Foto: divulgaçãoLearn more about “Bamboo Eventos”
Bamboo Eventos – Photo: promo

Estância Dom Raul

Located in Piraquara, the Dom Raul Resort is the ideal location for couples who dream of a romantic ceremony in the midst of nature. It offers you two options for outdoor weddings as well as a lounge with a capacity of up to 150 people including tables and chairs for the bride, groom and their guests and furniture that can be used as decoration. The newlyweds will also have a security service, concierge and free parking. Your mini-wedding in fabulous, farmhouse style.

Estância Dom Raul - Foto: Kelly PimentaLearn more about “Estância Dom Raul”
Estância Dom Raul – Photo: Kelly Pimenta

Quintana Café

“To love is to move the soul” – Mario Quintana. The venue, which pays homage to the famous gaucho poet, is a modern and welcoming space capable of delivering unforgettable weddings with the work of a committed and friendly team. The chefs, Gabriela Carvalho and Tancredo Pereira, are experts in delivering custom menus, adapted to both the budget and wishes of the couple. The site also provides all necessary support both in planning the event and on the actual day.

Quintana Café - Foto: Studio Mario BrosLearn more about “Quintana Café”
Quintana Café – Photo: Studio Mario Bros


Located in the Cabral neighbourhood, the Bobardí is a modern restaurant, with bold architecture that exudes good taste and sophistication. Their aim is to transform your wedding into a grand gastronomic event, with reinterpretations of classic international dishes and an extensive drinks menu, capable of delighting the most demanding of palates. Perfect for gourmet couples!

Bobardí - Foto: divulgaçãoLearn more about “Bobardí”
Bobardí – Photo: promo

Forneria Copacabana

Forneria Copacabana is a venue with an elegant and enchanting environment, home to trained professionals who are ready to transform your special day into an unforgettable affair.  The restaurant has an exclusive lounge for weddings, geared to offer every possible comfort to the bride, groom as well as their guests. They provide a menu influenced by differing food cultures, with a particular focus on Italian cuisine.

Forneria Copacabana -Foto: Jackelini KilLearn more about “Forneria Copacabana”
Forneria Copacabana -Photo: Jackelini Kil

Bistrô Duchamp

Located on Bernardino Bormann Street, the charming Duchamp Bistro is a unique venue that exclusively organises events, boasting a beautiful garden, swimming pool, deck, and an environment suitable for carrying out the ceremony. It includes several items such as stage lighting, a dance floor with DJ, bouncers, a sound system, complete assembly of the lounge, and a menu with a number of options prepared and implemented exclusively by the chef, Solange Schneider.

duchampLearn more about “Bistrô Duchamp”
Bistrô Duchamp – Photo: promo

Casa Lia

Located in the middle of The Civic Centre, this venue has the appearance of a mini-farm and stands out for its versatility and sophistication. Contemporary architecture merges with details that embody the love story of the couple, creating a unique and unforgettable moment in which the bride and groom an their guests feel free to celebrate in a lively and relaxed way. It boasts an ambiance with scenic lighting, a garden in which to hold the ceremony, and a custom menu.

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