8 Customized Gifts for 2017 Newlyweds: Keeping it Personal

A wedding gift is a gesture, a token of gratitude. However, you can go even further with something engraved or customized. Show you've really thought about the present and that you really care. Here's a few of our favorites for 2017!

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When it comes to wedding gifts, Zankyou has you covered. With our cash registry service you can be sure that your present to the happy couple is something they both want and need. However, if the bridal couple hasn’t set up a Zankyou website, or you simply want to gift something extra special to some great friends, here are a few more ideas we have up our sleeves.

Photo credit: Jayme Burrows
Photo credit: Jayme Burrows

We’re not talking extravagant, (save that for the cash gift list!), we just understand that smaller,  unique tokens of gratitude and friendship go a long way. Whether it’s as an engagement present, an apology  gift for not being able to attend the wedding, or just something to show you care, personalized gifts for couples are the way forward. Something engraved or customized says you really know them as a couple, and that you’ve really thought about the gift. So, here’s a few of our favorites for 2017.

1. Marble Map Coasters

Since most couples receive wedding presents for their new homes, what could be more special than marble coasters with a customized map of their favorite place? Perhaps it’s where they met, where they married, or where they now live. Either way, you can’t go wrong! Find these and other designs at simplypersonalized.com.

Personal Map Marble Coasters, simplypersonalized.com


2. 7 Piece Champagne Set

Weddings are about a celebration of love and union, so get the happy couple something that they can use anniversary after anniversary. This champagne set includes a personalized bucket with the newlyweds’ name on, and beautiful glasses to keep in their home together. It will be perfectly unique to them! Find it at personalcreations.com.

personalcreations.comLearn more about “personalcreations.com”
7 piece champagne set – personalcreations.com

 3. Custom Address Stamps

A small, yet meaningful, gift that will come in great use to your friends when they start sending their post-wedding thank you notes. This authentic and personal present from MJs Art Stamps comes in different designs, all of which are totally gorgeous.

MJs Art Stamps
MJs Art Stamps (via Etsy)

4. Wedding Date Pillow Cover

What could be more lovely for the home of newlyweds than a comfy reminder (in cushion form) of the happy couple’s name and wedding date? These tasteful and stylish pillow covers from Indigo Tangerine work brilliantly as a token of congratulations to those who you know will enjoy a long and successful marriage. This simple design suits any taste or style, you can’t go wrong!

Wedding Date Pillow CoverLearn more about “Wedding Date Pillow Cover”
Wedding Date Pillow Cover, Indigo Tangerine (via Etsy)

 5. Engraved Newlywed Chopping Board

Another lovely gift for the home. This eco-friendly, statement piece for the kitchen is handmade by Cutting Boards 4 You, and you can choose to have it personalized on a variety of natural hard woods: Birch, Oak, Cherry or Beech. It all depends on the color and finish that you know will best suit the couple’s taste!

Cutting Boards 4 YouLearn more about “Cutting Boards 4 You”
Engraved Cutting Board, Cherry Wood, Cutting Boards 4 You

 6. Combined Map Heart Print

As we’ve said, maps are the perfect snippet of nostalgia to personalize any wedding gift. So, we absolutely love this combined heart print. Perhaps the newlyweds are from different towns, states, countries, or even continents. But whatever the case, this print symbolizes the union of two different backgrounds into one entity. This design from Cartographic mirrors that of an open book, representing each couple’s individual story, and they have a collection of hundreds of vintage maps to choose from!

Union Heart Map Print – Cartographika (via Etsy)

 7. Personalized Couple Mugs

Customized mugs function as the perfect gift when you’re all out of ideas. They’re simple, and you can never have too many mugs, right? We think these from Munchkins n Pumpkins Co, are tasteful and charming. Imagine the new Mr. and Mrs. drinking their much needed coffee the morning-after the most special day of their lives, with these lovely mugs, all thanks to you!

Personalized Couple Mugs - Munchkins n Pumpkins co.Learn more about “Personalized Couple Mugs - Munchkins n Pumpkins co.”
Personalized Couple Mugs – Munchkins n Pumpkins co.

8. Personal “Adventure Awaits” Travel Journal

You may have already contributed to the couple’s honeymoon fund through Zankyou’s cash gift list, yet still want to add something a little extra. This gift is a well-wishing gesture; a token of gratitude for the amazing wedding and something you know will be perfect for your jet-setting friends. Personalize this travel journal from Happy Dappy Bits with names and the wedding date, and, the more experiences the couple enjoy together, the more meaningful your gift will become.

Happy Dappy BitsLearn more about “Happy Dappy Bits”
Adventure Awaits Travel Journal, Happy Dappy Bits

So, as you can see, there are some stunning gift options available for 2017 weddings. The more personal, the better. 

To find out more about the cash gift list, registry and website services that Zankyou offer to couples, click here.

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